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Will You Still Go Out If You Could See It?

Pay attention. Wear your mask. Don't believe everything you read. Don't hoard. Do visit legitimate websites like or WHO to get the real and latest information. DO STAY HOME.

This photo truly resonates, because it's really what it feels like. Like it's raining coronavirus. but you know what else is falling just as fast? Your loved ones, they are falling, falling ill, falling dead, and there is nothing we can do to stop it. The only thing that may save us is how young and healthy we already are. Even then, it's no guarantee of survival. The covid-19 does not discriminate and we have yet to come up with a vaccine or any cocktail of medications that could fight this invisible monster.

Seniors 65 or older. Diabetics. Those with HIV. Those with Asthma. Those with any organ failure are also known as immunosuppressant folks.

What is immunosuppressant? It's an agent that supresses the body's immune response. In other words this agent suppresses your body's natural ability to fight infections, bacteria or viruses that make you sick. Your body is made up of red blood cells and white blood cells, white blood cells are like your personal defense army. They go to war with viruses or any sicky agents that are causing you to get sick. and when you are sick, those white blood cells become lower in numbers, creating a weaker immune defense to fight off infections, bacteria or viruses. Which means?....You guessed it, you are more susceptible to contracting other viruses or infections such as the covid-19.

What is an asymptomatic person? Someone who may cary a virus or disease that can still unknowingly spread the virus or disease on to others.

What is Coronavirus anyway? The virus has been around since the 60's. and have different strains that are similar in some ways to the covid-19. These known strains may sound familiar to you since they have caused a bit of a stir in the past as well, like SARS and MERS. Covid-19 attacks the respiratory tract system, creating a thick wall in the lungs that prevent oxygen from getting through your bloodstream which then carries the oxygen around your body.

What are the Symptoms of Covid-19?



-shortness of breath,

are the most common but not a complete list of symptoms. It's possible that you may have one symptom and not the other and it's also possible that you may have other symptoms that are not listed, like diarrhea and body aches. So pay attention to your body.

How can I protect myself? The CDC is recommending staying home at all times, as much as possible. The CDC is also recommending that you wear masks if you have to leave the house, this is not negotiable, you will be fined if you're found not wearing a mask. This is not a substitute for social distancing. The CDC is asking everyone to remain 6 feet apart from each other. The CDC is also recommending constantly washing your hands and using disinfectant for your hands and household cleaners to sanitize the most touched surfaces of your home, like all door knobs and handles, remote controls, etc.

As a medical professional, I don't recommend the use of gloves when going out. Though gloves serve to protect you and you only, they do not stop the spread of the virus and can still cross-contaminate everything you touch, from gas pumps, to credit card pin pads, carts, door handles, and even your cell phone which you then bring up to your face when you answer a call. Disinfectant is more effective and you can disinfect your hands every time you carry an item into your cart.

Now what? It's very important for you to get creative and do things around the house that make you feel good and somewhat normal. Maybe clearing up some clutter, start a family project, read that book you always wanted to read, Paint, sing like nobody is watching or hearing? Play Nintendo all day can. Allow yourself one hour of news per week. and then stick to Netflix or cooking shows. Sauteè your children.....some asparagus of course. Make friendship bracelets or build that tree house you've been procrastinating on.

What If I can't handle it anymore? Allow yourself some "me" time. Also known as mental tender love and care. Ask your boss for a day off specifically for your mental health, they can't really say no to keeping your sanity. Then ask your husband to watch the kids for the day so you can catch some sun in the backyard. It won't rain forever. Give yourself a mani and pedi. Watch re-runs of your favorites shows. Stay busy but don't do things that feel like work, remember it's all about giving your brain, heart and soul some good wine....I mean fun and laughs.

If ever you or someone you know are in distress, there is Mental Health Support out there. 1-800-854-7771 or text LA to 741741 or visit Talk about it, let it out. We are all sharing your fears and concerns but also remember that everyone's anxiety or coping skills are unique. While others choose to channel their anxiety by building a veggie box for their ever expanding garden or engage in a 6 hour Mortal Combat Marathon, others may feel trapped, unable to function or concentrate. Talking to someone you trust or even telephoning these amazing Mental Health Support services can help tremendously.

I hope you guys learned something in this article. All my resources are taken from the CDC website and/or from recommendations of my Hospital as a health worker.

Stay safe and take care.


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