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The Race to Make America #1

The U.S. death toll as of February 29th is 58,233, making the United States 5th in line when it comes to number of deaths, 30% of these deaths fall in NY. Spain falls at number one and it is followed by Belgium, Switzerland and Italy. Globally we stand at 3 million deaths, according to Lisa Shumaker from Reuters. I'm sure Trump can't wait to outshine 1918s' Pandemic.

The University of Washington , often cited by White House officials, the death toll could reach more than 74,000 deaths. Compared to an April forecast of over 76,600.

But before Trump can celebrate being the number one in America in the total of deaths (which I'm sure by now is his goal) during his presidency. The Spanish Influenza of 1918 still stands in holding that number one spot. At 675,000 U.S. deaths and a total of 50 million world wide. Let's keep in mind that in 1918 there were no vaccines or antibiotics and hospital care was basic.

it’s also extremely worried about the display that our fellow Americans have shown in other states, making statements through protests, thousands of gatherings not practicing social distancing or wearing masks. How many more deaths will it take to finally get the message, what kind of statement should state officials make to get though to people? 58,233 hearse driving through the streets of L. A., representing each and every covid victim?

I am beyond disgusted to see Huntington Beach follow in the footsteps of States that aren't even severely impacted as New York and California. I'm even more deeply disgusted at the disrespect to the Mayor of Los Angeles and Governor of California after they've done an outstanding job in light of the 2019 pandemic. Shame on you guys. Shame for the lack of concern for your fellow neighbors and your fellow Americans. You should be forced to wear an ankle monitor to stay at home or some hard remove device which waves your right for hospital care if you contract the virus.

Hospitals are low on PPE and Ventilators and soon we'll have more nurses quitting, forcing our student nurses to be sent to the front lines and potentially killing them, our future, our innovators, dead. This is not what we want. This is not going to fix the situation. and we sure don't want to waste our precious PPE on your stupidity. Some of you need to start waking up.



New York


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