• Jeimmy Grace

Responding to Covid-19

I hate to have to write about this. It's such a heavy time and we truly deserve to laugh a little, always with safety first of course.

The virus is coming for us. It's inevitable. Some of you will get sick, others won't. but the good news is that most sick people will come out of this just fine. Stay home, wash your hands. Avoid wearing the same gloves all day or when doing multiple activities or are in different areas, for example: don't get in your car with the same gloves you were in the store with. Discard gloves immediately after pumping has.

Now let's focus on what we can do to relax out minds and kick panic to the curve.

1. Do download Down Dog on the app store. If you are a medical professional, use your med email to get this yoga app for free. Enjoy free exercise and practice mindfulness until April 30th.

2. if you're like me, you'll plenty occupied with re-runs of your favorite movies and hours of Nintendo Switch.

3. Catch up on your reading or studying. Maybe there's that one thing you've been wanting to research or learn about, now it's the time.

4. Do take showers. Sometimes looking like a bum can start making you feel like one too. Especially over a period of time. Feeling fresh and energized is a start to feeling like maybe you should go for that walk with your four legged best friend or....

5. Take a 15 minute drive. Maybe you've been house hunting or maybe you might run into a hidden peaceful gem of a spot you never new was just around the corner.

Let's keep this site positive and going strong. All the times we spoke about humanity, it's decency, it's compassion; Now is the time to practice what we preach. As a unified country. As proud Americans of this great country whose produced undoubtedly the best surgeons and Physicians, the best pathologists, the ingenuity and the relentlessness to never ever give up. We are America. Let's show them how it's done.

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