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Pills up her ass.

I was just recommended a Podcast called Electric Koolaid with Sam Tripoli and Lauryn Petrie. Specifically episode E03: Marylin Was Murdered. Aside from getting a great listen out of these two people having a casual conversation conversation about Marylin Monroes' death and the controversial supposed murder. Not only it's the conversation in its self genuinely fluid, it also has a little twist of fucking sarcasm. Yes please!

In this podcast this duo throw in bits and pieces of the iconic speculation that the president John F. Kennedy ordered Marylin Monroe's murder as they exchange personal moments, comically talk about Lauryn's friends endometriosis which Marlyn is said tave had due to abortions, Marylin's ghost pussy and creatively making the listener truly imagine Robert Kennedy telling his people "Pills up her ass!", as Marylin tried to free herself from being smothered. In regards to one of the many versions of Marylin's murder. This one is the version where Marylin is held down in her bed face down, while they shoved a pill op her ass which led her to lose consciousness. but Marylin doesn't die, instead her psychiatrist, Dr. Greenson was called, where he produced a large needle and stabbed it straight into Marylin's heart, killing her. They set up her bedroom and made it look like a suicide by laying empty pill bottles on her bedside table next to an an empty

They ask themselves how many types of pills could she have had in the 50's and it made me wonder how true that really is. Regulations were sure not as controlled as they are. now. I mean even now people get away with obtaining so many barbiturates. They questioned the 20-something times Marylin had abortions, how she used her sexuality to get what she wanted. A common practice to this day. No disrespect to the Me Too movement. That's a whole other story.

Electric Koolaid has a laid back-raw conversation-feel-good-vibe between two funny friends just having a chat about political scandals and awkwardly revealing Lauryns' infidelity. Lauryn speaks out on her mental health saying "I need my Wellbutrin". Which actually makes me happy because there's so much stigma around mental health and it's relatable because we all feel depression and we all have that one thing that won't go away and medication can help. When you truly are diagnosed correctly and they can treat something no matter how minute or severe it is. Props to them. It wouldn't be like shoving a pill up Marylin Monroe's ass.

They talk about Marylin's addiction, her suicide attempts and even their own attempts. They zero in on Marylin's sexual life and for a minute make it a little awkward when they begin to speak of their own past romantic relationship.

Who do you think is responsible for Marylin's death? The Mobs? the Kennedy's? or did she really kill herself?

Check out this refreshing recount of what really happened to Marylin. With some real side talk, weird theories, and bursts of laughter. If you're a Marylin fan or maybe just a conversationalist, you'll enjoy this episode. I've been listening to this Podcast to and from work lately. I enjoy them in the mornings the most, they lighten me up with the jokes and mentions of different stages of Marylin's life. Check them out, explore their episodes and get your dose of comedy.

Note: not endorsed.

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