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KylieSkin Not So Clean

Barbara Walters must be biting her tongue after calling the entire Kardashian clan talentless in her "Most Fascinating People of 2011" interview.

but the Kardashians are the one's who got the last laugh.

Sometimes it just takes money to be able to find and grow your talent.

Looking back, the Kardashians were highly referred to as "famous for being famous". but today the Kardashian faces are splashed nearly in every corner of the beauty and fashion industry.

Kim, Khloe and Kourtney weren't always famous but to their credit they were always on the hustle. Kim had an organizing business in which she helped the Hotel Heiress, Paris Hilton get her closet organized. and even made appearances on Paris show "The Simple Life" who starred their mutual friend Nicole Richie between 2003 and 2006.

In 2006 the Kardashian sisters opened their first retail store DASH in Calabasas and a year later "Keeping up with the Kardashians" debuted in E!. Since then DASH was expanded to Los Angeles, Miami and New York. The rest is history since then.

The Kardashians soon became the Kat-Jenner family. Adding half sisters Kylie and Kendall to the mix. Kim launched a line of makeup KKW and Perfumes and later, Skims a line of shape-enhancing undergarments, you know, for when you don't feel like breathing. Meanwhile Khloe launched her Jeans line, Good American. Kourtney launched Poosh, a website devoted to healthy living. All while losing diamonds in the ocean, hitting there other with purses and harshly criticizing each other's home or career moves.

Queue in the now, most famous of all Kylie and Kendall. Kylie took the world by storm when she launched her line of liquid matte and velvet lip kits. While Kendall went on to be a model. If Kourtney is the least interesting to look at, Kendall is the least interesting to keep up with.

So let's dive into Kylie's skin care line. My specific Kylie skin care is routine is her foamy face wash, walnut scrub, moisturizer and eye cream. The other three products include toner, serum and face wipes. I don't think that ANY toner does anything for me at all, So I haven't bothered with it. my skin is oily as it is and I avoid serums and oils. and I'm happy with my current wipes (Trader Joe's, Micellar face cleanser and makeup remover towelettes, $3.99), so I don't find them necessary.

Unlike Kylie's lip kit logo, melting lipstick off a pouty lip, bearing grills. Her skin care packaging is a delicate pink, simply named Kylieskin by Kylie Jenner. Here's what I have and hope to keep it short and sweet....

Face Wash

Pros: I love it's velvety foamy texture when you pump it out of the bottle and it has a subtle nostalgic scent that I can't seem to pin point yet but it's not in a bad way. Just don't accidentally eat it.

Cons: It fails to remove my makeup. Which is probably why her white towel mishap "10 second video" revealed quiet the makeup stain on the towel. Either I use a second face wash or a towelette to get rid of the excess.

Walnut Face Scrub

Pros: The walnuts are finely ground, take care to not harshly rub your face. Nice gentle circular motions, barely pressing your fingers on your face, for about 30 seconds. The result: soft baby skin, free of dead skin cells.

Cons: I'm a little disappointed that the scrub is made with almonds. Kylieskin says the walnut is finely ground. but it is actually harsh in the face. Hence the not harshly rubbing your face with it. but when used lightly and two to three times a week. This is actually a great product.


Pros: It's light in texture and on your face. It feels like you're not wearing anything. I usually go for moisturizers that are thicker in texture.

Cons: It doesn't have SPF, no acne fighting ingredients and it's overall not a wow moisturizer.

Side Note: Kylie revealed that the most important thing for her skin, she said "SPF". So you can see why I'm so puzzled as to why her moisturizer doesn't contain SPF. and the tube does't pump smoothly or evenly.

Eye cream

Pros: Also just as light in textureIt has a unique shaped to help with application directly from the tube.

Cons: The eye cream doesn't have any anti ageless, wrinkle or puffy eye ingredients. Not only does it should but the applicator, though great in design, should be made out of metal. It just makes sense that the cold from the metal can help to de-puff morning bags under the eyes.

Final review

I would recommend this product for the under 25 crowd. A young face. For a light natural formula. It's reminiscent of Clinique. The young face doesn't need any of the extra tightening creams or ageless ingredients.

For those of us who are in between Clinique and Estee Lauder, I recommend Benefit along with Kylies walnut face scrub. Benefit's night cream is rich and thick. Providing enough moisture that you can feel your face just soaking it up. The day cream has SPF and it has that quenching feel that I love. It's under eye cream is not bad. but If I had to recommend one I would recommend Boscia indigo eye cream. This little magic jar literally gets the dark circles under your eyes out! Concealer is great, but it looks even better with the help of this cream.

Hope you guys find this useful so that your wallet doesn't suffer the consequences.

drop some comments below. What are your favorite skin care brands? What's your routine? and do you have any skin care hacks for your skin type?


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