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It's that new new....

I promised my amazing readers to keep you updated on things you probably already know about but I simply tell you what the dealio is based on my experiences.

Before we get to it, let me just say I have officially moved into Ulta and I'm insanely obsessed with their Morphe products. All of them.

The first thing I wanted to share with you is the drybar "The Wrap Party styling" curling wand. This is more like a waves wand but you can create tighter curls depending on how close you wrap your hair around the wand. Personally I only bought it because I needed to retract my story on SheaMoisture products I spent so much money on them and I wasn't 100% loving the curls I got despite watching hundreds of youtube videos on the SheaMoisture product and the technique to make those "waves", I guess this. product is meant for people with natural curly hair because mine was a mess and the frizz was beyond. The drybar curling wandmproduct retails at $165.00 at Ulta. and I definitely give it 5 stars.

Never mind the nose job. Hair waves were done with the drybar wand, eyeshadow was James Charles, and Koko K lipgloss by Kylie Cosmetics.

Ulta released a Marvel's Avengers collection. It was buy two get two free. I only really wanted the travel size bag but went for the deal instead grabbing my mom a wonder woman makeup clutch, a lipgloss and a highlighter palette. All these went to my mom and I only kept the medium travel bag for myself (pictured right). I didn't personally try any of the highlighters or gloss, but come to think about it, since my mom has so many lipglosses and lipsticks and not enough eyeshadows, I should have gotten her the shadow palette and the highlighters for myself but she also only has one highlighter. The make up bags turned out great for both of us. Because my whole family are huge Avengers fans, I give this product a 4. Only because It was the line of Ulta. Meaning their quality is no Morphe type. Still, finding this collection made me so happy.

These next three products (5 products pictured actually) come as a result of Jeffree Stars' sold out Blue Blood Collection/Palette.

The Jaclyn Hill pallet and the James Charles (AKA Sister).

This could have been Jeffree's money but since he can't get together and provide his palette 24/7, fully knowing that his palette would sell out in minutes. I mean learning from Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian who consistently sell out in a blink of an eye. I don't really know why they do that, but I feel like they should set a unit number and then multiply it by 5. Insanity.

So I decided to support Jaclyn who I follow on youtube and our Sister James because I had no idea who he was until my bestie told me about him and I watched a few of his videos and his makeup is so on point. I've never been much of an eye shadow girl, but I really loved the Jeffree Blue Blood Palette which inspired me to use more shadow. I've been very into blue lately, My car is blue, my hair is blue. So I combined Jaclyns ($38) and James ($39) Palettes, along with eyelid primer ($10) and a set of new brushes. 4 stars. Only because I haven't tried them all. But like I said I've fallen for everything Morphe.

I don't have a lot of highlighters, it's true. but I let my mom keep the avengers and (spoiler alert) hooked her up with Jaclyn Hill's "The Vault Dark Magic" Palette (seen below).Retails at 15 dollars. It's got beautiful green hues like her eyes, and some of the essential naturals and the dark night shades. and of course I couldn't forget the brushes. I haven't even tried this palette but just looking at it seems like a big 5 stars for this perfectly kept secret palette. I'll do another review on the big palette in another post, I haven't even opened it yet.

I talked about my entire purchase (minus my mom's makeup). The hair brush (retails at $14) is pretty amazing in detangling and not yanking your hair off, I felt very Harry Potter purchasing this British brush. The Two Face mirror was a gift for my very expensive purchases.

What is your favorite makeup brand? Do you have any favorite tricks you'd like to share for creating a perfect eyeshadow look, day or night? Let me know, I want to hear from you guys.

I can't wait to share my next beauty article with you guys. Hope you liked this edition of mostly palettes. Don't forget to Like, Comment and Share.


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