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I know I have done a post completely dedicated to baking powders. Rhianna's Fenty included. Though I praised the powder in the shade Butter for being the best one. I find myself reaching for the Too Faced powder in the shade Translucent. for baking or setting. I enjoy the texture, smell and packaging of Rihanna's product. Here's the real reason I don't turn to it as my daily routine; My eyes literally just tear up the entire time I do my makeup AND THEN SOME. If I let a single tear, any kind of moisture as little as it may be, it leaves an unrepairable crease the shape of whatever I used to dry it. you can't even go in for an extra layer to fill in that crease or gap, it just won't budge! this is good and bad, because you know it works well but it's hard blend out, you can't use a brush to smooth it out, nothing. Whereas Too Faced is a little more forgiving with the force of nature.

I'm gonna get the foundations out of the way since I did mention that I would be reviewing two different foundations in this post. Though I've famously raved about Milk Makeup Blur liquid matte Foundation in the shade Golden Sand. I have purchased bad batches the last two times. Not only does it squeeze out runny colorless liquid at the beginning of every use, it's followed by more runny liquid with some product mix and finally the product itself.

Milk Makeup listen good, Nobody wants their foundation to do that. Fix it! and switching your tubes from liquid to foundation sticks is not a solution; plus, they're medium coverage and hard to build up when you want more coverage. Why did you pull your liquid mattes from the shelves? Don't answer that. Stock it up bitch. I'm recommend repackaging the product. Glass would be nice. I find that it delays the oxidizing process of makeup.

Original top left

Riri's pro filt'r soft matte longer foundation was... nothing less than impressive. Though it pumped solidly. It applied lightly and didn't do a lot for coverage. The minute it went on my face it quickly became thin and apparent that this was not going to be easily buildable. It wasn't a disaster at all though. Once the rest if my face was beat up with all kinds of brushes, shades, brands, get it, It wasn't bad at all.

Around 11 or 11:30-ish am, the foundation was still good but forming some creases on the corners of my nose and once shit hit the fan not even her own blotting powder could save my T zone. Oily as fuck! It didn't help that I chose a very intense eyeshadow.

Note to self: This whole look was really not a good idea.

The second look I went with a more soft natural look with NARS and I couldn't help a pop of color on my eyes but still subtle enough where it didn't take away from the natural side of making up. This look was possible with Jeffree Star's Celebrity Skin shadow and Honest Truth from Jeffree Star's Collab with Morphe, The Jeffree Star Artistry Palette. Though I do like the texture of NARS, I was duped by the automated match system. According to my go-to foundation Milk Makeup, this color by NARS ironically called Valencia was a perfect match to my current foundation. Photo below is completely unedited except for the sizing of the photo.

I wanted to wait a few weeks before I posted because I wondered if by mixing the two Fendi and NARS would create perfection. It didn't. I was looking like Donald Trump in terms of a bad orange tan. A terrible one at that. So I decided to stick with an individualized review.

HOW MANY CARATS?! PURE PLATINUM SPARKLE.! What else can I say. I'll totally be wearing this product on my neck, upper chest and shoulder on a night out with my girls, a concert, a date, just anything worthy of that extra sparkle.

Another product that I love when it comes to highlighters is by MAC in the name "Soft and Gentle" and it lives to it's name. It's soft enough where it's not dramatic or looks like you just took wall primer to the face. and gentle enough to give you a natural weightless look and still deliver that blindness.

The gloss is very neutral when it comes to texture. It's not thick like Kylie's gloss but it's also not runny like Jeffree Star.

Contour: Hate it, Im not used to stick formulas. I literally couldn't see wether or not I was doing the stick thing right and when I went to the truth mirror (car mirror) I looked dark af. Disaster. but if I ever master the stick formulas, I could change my mind. You never know. I won't even post a photo, I'm not happy with this product.

Okay, this is all I have for you guys on that Fenty. Again, this is my opinion and the way I use my makeup. What's your favorite makeup brand? Do you know any hacks for using these products? Even more simple, name the product you use and describe it with one word.


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