• Jeimmy Grace

Thinking of getting your significant other a Fitbit this Christmas?

You probably want to think about it twice. It all comes down to how much you value your relationship and/or wether you care about losing a few bucks. 

I read recently on two different occasions the story of two set of couples who discovered their significant other cheating on them through their Fitbits’. These couple synced or linked their Fitbits’ to challenge and motivate each other through fitness. But when one noticed the activity spike on the Fitbit of the other when activity was not due, they discovered the cheating.

This doesn’t mean you can’t entirely not get them that always wanted Fitbit, maybe just don’t sync it to yours if you decide you rather not know. Or maybe if you suspect your partner, you might want to get them a Fitbit. Seems like a win win situation either way. Just beware you might be learning a little more than you bargained for. Are those fourty-five minutes really on the eliptical machine? 

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