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iPhone 11 Pro Max

Updated: Feb 16

Wow! I mean if "wow!" doesn't say it all....then keep reading.

I really am going to miss my iPhone XS but it was malfunctioning all the way around. The apple store wouldn't give me a new one (even though it was still under warranty) because there were no "hardware" issues that they could find. AT&T was charging me $300 to go through my insurance in order to get a new iPhone XS. The only way that was cheapest and would solve my iPhone issues was to upgrade.

For those of you who know me, I have always been a fan of the silver (aka white) iPhone and always preferred the small version as oppose to the "Plus". I basically tried every corporate store to find the silver iPhone pro max, but I had no luck. It was upsetting because no one, not the store reps or the phone customer service could tell me when they would restock the new iPhones.

Why the silver/white? because I feel is the signature color that ultimately made Apple. Since the beginning of my iPhone consumer career which started at the iPhone 4, the squared, stainless steel edges, aluminosilicate glass, and LCD display. I so wish I still had that phone. I mean that specific phone. Given that I still have my Motorolla Razor in pink, lingering at the bottom of some drawer in my house.

I did get and then ended up trading in my yellow iPhone 5c for the iPhone 5SE which was a throwback of the iPhone 4. I still didn't like the back satin stainless steel design but I craved that squared and small iPhone 4 which had been my favorite with the front and back glass. I can't speak negatively of any of the iPhone performances I think it's safe to say that with every phone and every software update the iPhone has only gotten better and better.

After the iPhone 6, 6S and its Plus companions turned out to be a disappointment for me despite being their first Plus phones in the market and introduced 3D touch in the 6S, perhaps it was also the story of my fellow co-worker who bent his 6 plus while getting in his car with the phone in his back pocket. The 6S came back stronger to make sure the bending of the iPhone wouldn't happen again. Apple kicked it up a notch with the iPhone 7 it came in a matte and a new shiny Jett black color, water resistant, better cameras, True Tone display, the removal of the headphone jack, etc. Though not new to the fingerprint ID, it was the overall design that was attractive. I owned the iPhone 7 briefly before I passed it on to my mom and picked up the iPhone 8 as it came out with the new yet not so new all glass design. Up to this phone, I think the iPhone 4 for me was still the best design apple had when it comes to the exterior.

The iPhone X was released with an edge to edge display and Face ID. but not with its share of cold weather problems. It seemed that the phone caught a bit of a cold during extreme low temperatures and froze. Like the iPhone 6, the X came out with the Xs fixing a lot of problems, it included a Super Retina HD display and the Bionic 12 chip increasing processing power and decreasing battery drain. Along with the X and Xs, a cheaper device was released called iPhone Xr with just one camera and an array of colors but the Liquid Retina HD display was really what made this product cheaper. Not a big difference for those who didn't care much about the screen but definitely a little less quality then the Xs.

Finally the iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone 11. That's right. Apple decided to drop the Roman numerals and make everything in every line of products they sell including the iPhone 11 a "Pro". Like the MacBook Pro and iPad Pro, they now released the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Why "Max"? I don't know. "Plus" would have been just fine, I think it has a better sound to it... iPhone 11 Pro Plus. Right? After all the Max and Plus simply implies the bigger display or as I like to refer to it "the iPhone on steroids". and it's true that the 11 pro definitely came with a Plus/Max. A new 13 bionic chip, three cameras, night mode, better water resistance, 4 hour longer battery life than the Xs, Dual sim, 4k camera recording, Super Retina XDR display and finger-print oleophobic coating, among other features. Also, a bit heavier than the Xs.

The iPhone 11, is the predecessor to the iPhone Xr, a cheaper alternative to the Pro and still maintaining an array of colors like the iPhone Xr. The iPhone 11 doesn't fall too short from the Pro. Though the 11 has kept only two cameras, it still includes dual sim, 4k recording, dual sim, and the finger-print oleophobic coating and 1 hour longer battery life than the Xr. Unlike the Pro, the 11 holds a Liquid Retina HD display and only goes up to 256gb.

So I just gave you a brief/not so brief history of my iPhone consumerism and addiction. Now, I'm going to tell you my experience with the iPhone Pro Max. That's right my friends, no more, small versions of the iPhone, I have finally joined the pro/max (aka steroid) family and this comes in lieu of my new promotion at work. I figured, why not upgrade to a bigger screen. Aside from AT&T not having the phone in stock anywhere. I managed to find the Pro Max in Gold. It was a hard decision for me, to get the Gold or not to get the Gold. But given all my hard work and resilience through such a tough year I realized that I continue to stay Golden. So Gold it was.

This phone is completely worth getting despite the countless youtube videos out there that are dissuading you from upgrading or switching to iPhone altogether. When I bought the Xs, I carried a mini tripod in my car and I would set it up on top of my car or any surface I could find take photos of anything that inspired me and shared a meaning for me. You can check some out on the Gallery section in the homepage. Eventually, I wasn't taking photos and tried making a makeup tutorial which ended up not picking up any audio the entire time it took to do my makeup. So the tripod remained at the bottom of my drawer until now. I have not tried the night mode or the time-lapse yet but those are most definitely coming soon, including videos in 4k. I've done some snapchat videos but mostly about petty things, I really want to bring to you guys relatable content.

Tell me what you guys want to see in those videos, should I try another "do your makeup up with me" video? Should I do "a day in the life of?", Are there any features on the iPhone Pro that you want to see me try? (please don't say slofie?, What do you want to see? Let me know in the comments. and don''t forget to Like and Share this blog.


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