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Stopping my dream series for Jaclyn Hill

I am so upset that this is happening to her and that the internet it having a ball dragging her all over the Internet. Jacklyn made three videos, one which she tried to gather the facts and say "look guys, I have all the facts". Clearly she didn't, so she issued a second video and just like the first video she mentioned for the second time that the issue with her lipsticks was "NOT OK" and that it was something she "WOULD NEVER WANT FOR HER BRAND", she apologized in both videos. In the final and third video she again apologized and said she would issue a full refund for "EVERYONE", wether they received good lipsticks or bad lipsticks. Everyone would get a refund.

So why are ya'll so mad? Sure she didn't recall but you still got your money back and throw them away or not, that's your choice to make. You cannot force her to redo her entire lipstick line.

There's this asshole called "The Viewers Voice" on youtube who was dragging Jaclyn for deleting her social media and not owning up to her mistake and then he went as far as saying she was "pulling the mental health" card. I was extremely offended by that comment. As sad as it is, depression is now not just targeting teens and young adults. Depression is reaching the 30-50 year range as well. and I can say that because I'm a medical professional, yes I have a day job. BASICALLY EVERYONE can suffer from depression at one point or another, even YOU and it doesn't matter how old you are. Especially after working so hard for something that's been your dream, your baby and then watch it crumble right before your eyes. I'd say good for her for deleting her accounts and working on herself and her brand without your negativity. Everyone is allowed to make mistakes and given the chance to make it right.

Jaclyn did her homework, she apologized, she refunded everyone. What else do you want? I don't get it. Regardless of wether her lipsticks were sitting in a warehouse for a long time or she was waiting on her divorce to finalize or wether the lab really was at fault considering that many influencers spoke out about the particular lab Jaclyn used and it's bad reputation.

Jaclyn should really be telling you so-called fans to fuck the fuck off! Obviously you guys are not true fans. Jaclyn has been in the makeup bizz for years and she's done many collaborations including one with Morphe. and honestly I love The Jaclyn Hill eyeshadow palette and I own her brushes. I have it, I use it. It's not the first palette I go to because I have phases of being addicted to a particular makeup brands for months at a time and right now I'm all about Jeffree Star. Everyone knows I'm not a big Kardashian supporter as far as merchandise but I do like the show and love to keep up but I will say that Kylie Jenner is the only one whose lip kits I have purchased. I have 3 actual kits, one velvet lipstick by itself and one lipgloss. (I do not recommend the high gloss btw) but the koko k gloss is Jeimmy approved. but what I'm saying is, I stick to what I like. Jaclyn's shadow palette is so pigmented, I love Kylie's lip formula, I die for Jefree's shadow formula, Mac has the best contour/bronzer compact, I live for Urban Decay's all nighter setting powder, Milk foundation gives me butterflies along with its concealer and Milani's baked blush...omg deceased!

I am not a professional makeup guru, I am not an influencer but I am definitely a consumer and I do reviews that include makeup. and it's been said over and over that this lab is at fault. I was proud of Marlena for saying she was trying to clarify how labs work and how she warned Jaclyn but really, shame on her for inserting herself in the drama. She's sitting there saying she doesn't have time for drama, hate or pouncing on jaclyn yet she's had plenty of time to make two videos, both over an hour long talking about Jaclyn and taking out all her other dirty laundry regarding other influencers.

I have friends that have approached me or DM'd me telling me I should have a YouTube channel. and even though I am flattered, this is the reason why I don't. Just look at all the viciousness. and yes for my own sanity and mental health, I know better than to leap into a black hole full of poor unfortunate desperate souls (insert Ursula's voice here).

I am sure that only a few of you will read this. Wish Jaclyn herself would read this but let's pretend she will.

Jaclyn honey, you do you. Take care of you. Make sure you take your time to get your mind right. Toss your last fuck to give and don't worry about these trolls. They just want something to talk about. I've been watching you for a while now and you're the reason I've found and trust so many drugstore cosmetics that I wouldn't have otherwise bought and continue to use if it weren't for you. My favorites range from drugstore makeup to prestige brands. and really you were the one who I'd always go to for techniques and how-to's and the best of, including prestige brands.

About a year ago my bestie Vero, took over and was like "you have to try Jeffree Star, you have to try James Charles." and I did and I loved it (except for Charles, sorry Charles). but If it weren't for her, I wouldn't have even made Ulta my second home and play with makeup and sort of look at it as a form of therapy and self-care. Which is very important in getting well. There are so many things in my life that I cannot control. I am not famous but I will say I have my share of trolls AKA Demons and Serpents who weigh on me when I'm literally just trying to at least keep my head above the water. Honestly, I am so thankful for my bestie who has really been here for me and I for her. and she always keeps my feet planted on the ground making sure I don't go flying into negativity.

Jaclyn, if you need someone to talk to, email me on my site, I'll have you call me. I'll get my bestie and we will rock your world. I mean it. Oh and one more thing for all the other "influencers and trolls"....



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