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Like a Virgin...

I got a Brazilian wax today! My very first vajayjay wax, this is the pain I go through to share the experience with you ladies and others. Maybe.

it hurt like a motherfucker!

When I walked into the salon I first noticed the old wax hands displaying their acrylic nail work. The wax hands already told me that this was one of the last 90's little spots with the wide fanned out acrylics to survive. Let me tell you, I was 14 when I got my first set of acrylics and their set on that wax figure was quiet nostalgic. which made the whole place Questionable. There's nothing much to do to prepare because there really is no preparing for the pain. but I would recommend you do your wax person a favor and trim a bit at home, leaving at lest an inch of hair for them to work with.

I was first approached by a woman who sent me to another woman who was the wax "lady". Thank goodness the place was advanced enough to accept credit cards. So this lady leads me to the back of the salon into a private room. The table in which I was to lay in was stained (eww). She laid a towel over it and placed a paper over the table, the kind used in medical exam rooms or toilet seat covers.

I explained to her that it was my first time and that I was nervous. She reassured herself by asking me again if it was my first time. I said Yes. Now, my best friend has done this before and said it wasn't as painful and that I would be ok. The first pull you guys. This whole process is like when they wax your eyebrows except this is your vajayjay Okay! THE FIRST PULL.... was the worst pain I ever felt. and remember I've had 5 surgeries in the span of my life. but what was I suppose to do? walk out with a quarter of the top of my vaj waxed off?

So I stuck around watched her dip the stupid tongue depressor into the wax over and over again,

It felt like forever. I thought okay, almost done, she's been waxing for a minute until she says "we're half way done".

I was like "HALF WAY DONE????". I mean it was quiet the experience but also quiet comical in my experience. Though this place as far as cleanliness was not the best but I can assure you she used clean wooden sticks and the paper made it a lot comfortable to, who knows how many vaj waxes had taken place on the table. for $35 bucks, it was worth, and I will absolutely go back. The results were baby smooth as my bestie will say. So in the above photo are apparently the choices/results you can get. Though I'm sure going to a more advance location which may also be 400% the price, I'm sure they can do a less conventional wax like a heart shape made out of your pubes or a cute little unicorn design on your vaj. I. don't know, it's your vaj, your money, you decide.

But after it was all set and done I summoned my booty call and said "get over here.NOW". lol. Totally worth it ladies. Sad to admit I was a late bloomer in the vaj wax department. but also, at my 33 years of age, I can say it's never too late.

A toast to new experiences and booty calls. lol Hope you guys had fun with this tale. Let me know your wax experiences and don't forger to like, comment and share.


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