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Behing every smile...

It seems that more and more of the population in the U.S. lives with fear and anxiety.

The Bible tells us we should not fear. Yet, fear. We fear for our children, we fear for end of the world (as most refer to a judgement day), we fear we might get fired at work, we fear for out sick loved ones. and it creates an overwhelming sense of anxieties, depression, hopelessness, confusion. We fake a smile and tell ourselves we have to adjust to living this way but behind that smile...

... There'sHope.

I had such an amazing service at church last Sunday. I was surprised not to see Pastor Pancho, but even more surprised to see a guest speaker, Ben Courson. He is the founder of Hope Generation, and has a global TV and radio program. I was at first not thrilled that Pastor Pancho wasn't there. but the moment Ben began to speak I was honestly like, "what is he talking about?", not only because he was speaking so fast for the interpreter to catch everything, so I am very thankful to still have a decent level of hearing enough to listen on my own but also because he was a little unconventional. I mean so am I. The more he spoke about hope and Jesus miracles. I couldn't help but be so grateful for his message. Just. before he began speaking, we always begin with a prayer. I was praying so hard that God walked with me and listened to my soul. I have a very difficult ongoing task at the moment and I prayed that however this turned out that I hoped it would be in my favor, wether it ended well or bad. My intentions are to do what's right, not malicious in any way but rather set a stepping stone for those who step in after me, to be am example, and leave a tiny little mark of change. By no means can I amount to changes like women's rights to vote. or can I? but I am happy to have a little piece of the world where I can be proud of what I've done.

So here was Ben, talking about hope, talking about God living within us, talking about miracles. I thought to myself "this message is for me.", My Lord is listening to me and sees my vision in making a difference in this world or at least in my circle to right the wrongs. Ben brought up so many chilling events in the form of coincidences but not really but God had already predicted everything that would come about in the days of Jesus. Ben spoke about nine things that give us hope. The bible was written to give you just exactly that..hope.

1. Infectuate the Universe

- God created the universe. and He created me and you in his likeness. God tells David to write that we should not idolize any saints or made up images of him, for he had created you and me in his image.

2. God's Plan to engender a new humanity.

3. God shows his plan to irraticate the world.

- Perfect love casts out fear.

False Face

Evidence. Everything

Appearing And

Real Run


4.God's plan to encourage our love.

- Love God with all your muchness.

- If we read the Bible and hate people more than before, we. read the Bible wrong, We are to love with all our muchness.

5. God shows his plan to empower resurrection realities.

-I didn't come to hate my enemies, I came to love my enemies,

6. God enlightens the eyes of our understanding.

-Straight thinking, gratitude thinking.

7. God's plan to work.

-In the Jewish tradition, a man. inherits his father's wealth when he turned 30. Jesus did not begin making miracles until he was 30. When he inherited his father's wealth of work in a way of miracles.

8. God's plan to edit out narrative.

9. God's plan to eternalize eden.

10, God's plan to elect us to kingship.

-We are all. Kings and Priests.

-every set back is a setup for a comeback.

Please guys if you can find a moment to go check out his work and what he's all about you will be blown away with his inspirational spirit and his great amount of energy.

Check him out on YouTube and see what I'm talking about. He's funny, he's energetic and he definitely talks very very fast which is why I couldn't write everything he had to say about each of the 10 reasons God gives us hope. but God is everything and without him we are nothing. I can say that for sure. Click on any of the photos in this article and get ready to be moved.

Ben Courson

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