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I know what you're thinking, Oh Coraline, I member! But if you think we're here to talk about and dissect a cartoon you're wrong. You were lead here to talk about this amazing product... CORA.

So what's CORA? CORA is a line of feminine products. They've developed a 100% organic cotton based everything. 100% organic cotton liners, pads, tampons and body wipes. What's great about this company is that for every box of feminine products that you purchase, a percentage of the profits is donated to a girl in need.

CORA is partnering with ZanaAfrica Foundation in Kenya and plays a part in a study on wether young girls are being affected by the lack of menstrual supplies when it comes to their education and well-being.

CORA is also partnering with Aakar Innovations to help girls in India. Aakar empowers local girls to set up mini-shops to produce these products in order to stay employed and avoid employment in the sex trade.

I've been using these products for over three months. I have to say that these products work the same, if not better than other products containing toxic additives. CORA is free of chlorine, polyester, artificial dyes, fragrance, rayon, chloroform, phthalates or latex. I absolutely love this product and it makes me feel great to give back. I mean look at all those boxes.

300 million girls use rags, plastic and ash to manage their periods. Some girls don't have any of these resources at all. 1 in 4 girls in India drop out of school entirely once thy reach puberty. These girls deserve to have an education, free of interruptions like these because they can't afford it. Let's consider that there are still 38 states in the U.S. stlll tax feminine products as non-essentials.

Join in the cause ladies. Be more aware of what we put in our bodies, and let's do it with a purpose.


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