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Blood and Frost, yes please...

Obsessed with these two palettes. Both by the great Jeffree Star. I bought the Blood Sugar palette which basically means diabetes (insert lol here). I loved this palette for several reasons. One is that it had colors I could work with everyday. Unlike the Blue Blood which was mostly made of blue hues. I know my hair is blue but I can't be on blue shadows everyday. but not to worry, Jaclyn Hill's got me covered with the blues and greens. Plus my bestie gave me a NYX Fergie Shadow with some beautiful light and deep blues. and Two I work in the medical field which depending in the facility, I can draw blood and administer injections. I just found this to be so me. I love all things that I can relate to.

Jeffree Star's Blood Sugar Palette comes in a red leather box with two clasps that open up like a Dr. briefcase. It comes with medical named shades like Glucose (hence the diabetes joke above) this is a white matte shade and the only color I'm disappointed to not have shimmer to highlight those inner eye corners and below the eyebrows. Other names include; Ouch, Donor, Intravenous, cavity, 0 Positive, Root Canal, Prick (which comes stamped with a syringe), Blood Sugar, Extraction and Coma (this one is stamped with the health or medical symbol.

I was so happy that his colors were so pigmented. Considering I was so disappointed with James Charles Palette which practically had no pigment no matter how much I dug into. That was a sure return for me.

Of course I couldn't walk away without buying Jeffree's Platinum Ice Skin Frost Pro Palette with six beautiful highlighters. They are so Devine, extremely pigmented, I mean extremely because the first time I applied the frosty pink chill, I had this patch of frosty highlighter, so be careful applying, a little goes a long way with this palette. but also that's the point of highlighters, if you're not glowing like a got damne fluorescent street cone, then you're not doing it right. Aside the Pink Chill, you have your basic Ice Cold which you could go in on top of that white matte to give it that highlight. Glacier is like a super light grey finish. Lavender Snow is well...lavender. Then you have your Alien Ice, a gorgeous light green frost. and last but not least a light frosty yellow named Canary Bling. I'm set with my highlighters for the rest of the year.

I highly recommend these two amazing Palettes. Now available at Morphe Stores and Jeffree Star's website. I also love the blue blood palette, which I don't own and comes in a beautiful casket inspired box. It definitely reminds me of the Alice and Wonderland film directed by Tim Burton, starring Johnny Depp. More like movie set makeup or special effects makeup. but there is also a red queen so in a way the Blood Sugar can be relatable with the bright reds and deep Burgundy but less of a movie set palette.

Like always, hope you enjoyed this review. If you don't have these, what are you waiting for? These beauties sell out fast and they are very hush hush about new restock dates.

Thank you guys for reading. Don't forget to like, comment and share.


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