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Milk it till you make it!

As you all probably know already I am OBSESSED with Milk Makeup. Recently the company wanted to find new ways to make their makeup the most natural, 100% vegan and what better than Hemp.


I've talked about Hemp products before on the beehealthyinc. article. Click on the bee logo to be directed straight to their website and check out their stress and anxiety relief products, their Hemp extract classic and their Hemp extract signature. Click on the bottle below to be directed to my BeeHealthy inc. article.

Hemp Extract Signature oil.

Milk Makeup from what I understand was born in Milk Studios in New York and L.A. They're makeup is simple: it's clean, cool beauty. Milk Makeup means no rules, or should I say as they put #LiveYourLook. So basically that one rule, live your look. They see personal style and experimentation as the ultimate form of self expression. 

Cruelty-free, Paraben-free, and 100% Vegan. Just check out their blacklist of shit that doesn't go in their products (link above).  

Though I don't use all of their products, simply because some stuff from other brands work best for me. For example I hate loose setting powder I prefer a compact setting powder. I can throw it in my to-go makeup bag, with a retractable brush and if it's a hot oily day, there it is to save the day with no messy loose powder all over my damn shirt. 

Milk Foundation in Golden Sand

The products I do use are there fabulous blurring foundation (not hemp-derived) and flex

Milk's Flex concealer in Light Medium.

concealer (not hemp-derived). I never cared much for primer but later learned that primer for your eyeshadow was really important. So it naturally seemed to be the same for the face. So I started with Milk's mini blur stick matte prime (not hemp-derived) to try it out, it did it's job but then I realized I never used any SPF on my face or anywhere to be honest. 

Milk's Mini Blur Stick Matte Primer

Now, I've told you guys before that I don't always use prestige makeup, I go drugstore a lot too. So I went to Target and got myself an E.L.F. primer with SPF 50. I was impressed with the high SPF and even more impressed when it went matte on my face. but then I ran out of foundation and concealer and went on to make my purchase at Sephora, I was given a sample of the new hemp-derived hydro grip primer by Milk. I was very happy with my E.L.F product and even the blur stick but still decided to give this product a try. At first I was thrown off; 1. because my skin is so prone to sweating and therefor releasing oily skin, I though to myself I really don't need anything hydrating, to me hydrating means oily skin. It means more sweat and more oily skin. and 2. I was surprised that it was in a gel texture. So I put it on my skin and wow! It dried so nicely and had this a nice little glow to it. IMPRESSED. It didn’t actually dry out completely, you can still feel the stickyness up to an hour (when worn alone), leave it alone.  But I’ll tell you this the Grip part of this product completely does it’s job when wearing foundation. amazing! And surprisingly enough my usual oily face was very controlled. I only set my makeup once with no touch ups. 

Milk Hydro Grip Primer

Milk's kush Lip Balm Hydrator in Cannatonic

Then I found that Milk Makeup had come up with a naturally named Kush Lip Balm hydrator (hemp-derived). There are light tints and a little intense tints but there's also a green tint that goes on green but becomes clear. There are five colors available altogether. I chose the Cannatonic because it was light enough to give my lips a hint of color, something like an every day use, nothing dramatic and definitely a must in your purse.. and totally worth it. Unlike my face, my lips definitely need hydration and plenty of moisture. This Lip Balm does just that. I love it and it's my favorite forever. Thank Milk Makeup for making this product. You’re the real MVP! 

Milk's Mini Kush High Volume Mascara

I chose the Mini Kush High Volume Mascara because I already had a full tube of mascara I needed to finish. This amazing mascara has these fibers that maximize the volume of your Lashes. and I'm the layer on kind of girl with already long lashes, add volume and what do you have? Full volume Awesomeness. 

You guys I am so deeply obsessed with these products I can't even tell you how much you need this. Everything leaves your skin perfectly smooth and clear of imperfections. and the hemp additions have made this product even better. 

I wanted to leave you off with another product that I'm obsessed with. It's not a Milk Makeup product, but it is hemp-derived like most of the products talked about here. I picked up these products from Ulta. and it's a great product to restore and and really give your lips that moisture it deserves. Lord knows too much Kylie be drying up those lips. This little duo (sold separately), is the Sugarcane and Papaya lip scrub by Hempz and the Lip balm simply called Lips. 

How I use this product:I use the scrub and rub my lips together until I dissolve most of the sugar. You're not suppose to eat it though because it taste amazing. so sometimes I dab away what's left in the applicator tube and eat it (shhh don't tell anyone) but i don’t eat it while it’s on my lips. and by no means am I encouraging you to eat it.  I just love it. Then I follow with the balm which literally tastes like balm but I don't eat that. it does have rich balmy texture, not sticky nor fast drying and super hydrating. 

I really hope you guys enjoyed this post and learned a thing or two about Hemp-derived products. No, you will not get high or be walking around high. It's time to kill that stigma and see the benefits of Hemp. 

Like always, thank you for reading, don't forget to like, comment and share.


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