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I'ts a Villains World...

Colourpop recently launched a Disney Villains Collection, sold at Ulta. I saw the Ursula kit (always hated the name Ursula), but always loved The Little Mermaid. Naturally I fell completely in love with this kit's beautiful purple highlighter and I had to have it.

After taking this beauty for a test run, I wasn't so fond of the lipstick which seems to smudge over my lips. and the Hayaluronic lip gloss, called "Sad but True", kind of made it worse and even though I swatched it at the store the lip gloss seemed to really pop with the Ursula Lipstick simply called "Ursula". So I'm thinking the lipstick I should wear on it's own and try Heroine from MAC with this fabulous lip gloss. I don't know why they used a dark plum for Ursula's bullet lipstick but Heroine bay MAC would be a more desirable color for her kit. Considering its amazing purple highlighter called "poor unfortunate souls".

The Collection includes, Cruella de Vil, Ursula, Dr. Facilier, Maleficent, Hades, and the ever most Evil Queen. Each have their own theme lipstick colors. An apple red for the Evil Queen, deep magenta for Maleficent, and you get where we're going here with the themes.

There is also a Shadow Pallet called "Misunderstood". Colourpop definitely mis-overrated this product (insert pun here). It seems that every Shadow and Blush has been over taken by glitter. and glitter is not my thing. It's never been. I prefer solid neutral safe colors for my loudly colored lipsticks. but from time to time I like some color on my cheekbones, recently I've been loving Milani's baked blush (not all drugstore brands are bad, most are stepping up their game). I spent hours at Ulta looking for a blush that wasn't glittery for my Poor Unfortunate Souls highlighter.I found the last super pretty Coral Ombre hue by NYX on the shelf called "Sweet Spring". This was the only one with the least amount of glitter I could find, (God forbid more highlighter over another shimmery blush) It had pink, it had purple but not enough to convince me that this blush was THE ONE. but the blush itself gets 4 stars. or maybe it was my brush that kept it from getting 5 stars. I had to work a little to pick up product. New blush brush? maybe. I certainly don't like mixing my brushes with other makeup products. (this is just my OCD, and you guys can do whatever works for you).

The pictures below show the original unedited photo and the filtered photo, you can tell how subtle the highlighter and blush is without an actual purple blush. and with or without a filter. but not to worry I already found the same ombre in purple by NYX. I can't wait to get it in the mail and use it with this beautiful "Poor Unfortunate Souls" highlighter to really give it justice. I can't stand looking at that lipstick. btw. We need a do-over colourpop.

Poor Unfortunate Souls VS. Heroine by MAC with the same Ursula Villains Kit.

Below is the entire collection. This product gets 4 stars. I am a huge Disney lover and Ulta fan. I wish I could give 5 it stars if not for that lipstick. and In the end this product made me feel like it was made for costume makeup, but you can definitely make it work by mixing in some of your own favorite products. I'll be trying again with the Heroine lipstick by MAC and the purple ombre blush by NYX.

Go check them out at Ulta as these are limited edition. Pick up your favorite Villain you poor unfortunate makeup Disney loving souls.

As always, thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed this. Don't forget to like, comment and share.


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