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A Couple of Goodies....

Product One (Kylie Jenner)

I sent an email a while ago to Kylie's team on her website. No one ever responded. but basically I was complaining that all her good stuff are only on her website and doesn't put them in ULTA stores. I'm just not the kind to patiently wait for something in the mail for a week, nor am I the kind to pay an extra $20 bucks on expedited shipping cuz....fuck that! Her products are already expensive as it is and it will still cost me precious gas to go pick it up at a store anyway. but since I'm the go-getter kinda gal, THAT I would do. I had been dying for her Dulce de Leche crème lipstick. Low and behold it finally becomes available at ULTA. So off I go to give her my money for this one color.

I needed a lipliner, but since she forgot to include her Coconut lipliner or at least her Dolce K lipliner At ULTA (by the way she has no lipliners at all at ULTA). The girl at ULTA found me one that after I applied at home and paired with the Dulce de Leche lipstick. It was clear that it was not for this crème texture lipstick. The lipliner had a matte finish and there were plenty of streaks on my lips from combining these two.

So off I go for a second trip to return the lipliner in exchange for Kylie's Red Velvet Lip Kit. I'm telling you, if you're the kind that doesn't like her mattes because they feel too heavy and break up on your lips by the middle of your workday; cracks like the desert all over your lips and that's all you've tried? I really recommend you give it a second chance with her velvet kits or velvet singles. They last just as much as the mattes and you can even eat a whole meal and the velvet lipstick will still stick. All it needs is a little touch up and boom, by little I mean a few dots on your lip. What lipstick doesn't need re-application anyway?

For some reason I was the queen of red lipstick when I worked at Nordstrom. I had the Ruby Woo by MAC. It was my signature color. but I also loved their heroine, Sin and Flat Out Fabulous colors. The only lipliner I ever bought from MAC was the whirl, cuz whirl, hello!

I realized I had basically finished my red Ruby Woo and made the exchange for the wonderful red velvet by Kylie Cosmetics. I was ecstatic for both of my new lipsticks. I got some of the stuff I wanted after all in her new releases. but I'm still waiting on those lipliners to make it to ULTA stores.

There was a time when I said I would never support the Kardashians in the form of spending my money on their products. but here I am buying their products, though Kylie is technically not a Kardashian. She's created something new that I can definitely obsess over. So go check out her new stuff. She's also about to release single eyeshadows, as a replacement for her pallet. which I don't own any of hers. I still have a Naked Pallet and its been mildly used because I'm not much of an eye shadow girl. I like to have my eyelids clear in case I get an itch or something. Shadows are reserved for special occasions. 5 stars for both Dulce de Leche and the Red Velvet.

Product 2 (Sephora)

I stopped at ULTA recently to get my mom some goodies for upcoming Cancun trip, first stop was Sephora. I bought her the new Kush Msascara from MILK Makeup for when she's not wearing her falsies

(she has no idea what kush is). I can't rate this product because I haven't tried it myself.

Of course I couldn't resist leaving without a few products for myself. I purchased the Sephora contour brush #97. 5 stars for this product even though I've only used it once but I love it because it doesn't pick up too much product leaving you with enough room to build. plus its flat, straight brush gives me that precision for an even contour.

and after years of using Anastasia eyebrow dip pomade, which I didn't exactly hated, I just didn't like that it dried out fairly quickly. I switched over to an eyebrow pencil by Benefit, Goof Proof Brow Pencil. comes in a unique and gorgeous looking pencil with a blending brush at the other end. 4 stars for this product. I like the stroke method that gives you natural hair like brows. but I haven't used a pencil in years, its always been a powder or pomade. but practice makes perfect.

Product Three (Blushy)

I purchased some eyelashes for my mom and a new blender for myself. Loved the lashes, hated the blender, it felt like styrofoam, not very pleasant, and needless to say, it took the product off my face rather than doing its blending job. Never shopping there again.

Product Four (Ulta) Again.

Aside from a contour brush, I needed a foundation brush. I picked up a Trio box of brushes for my bestie from ECOTOOLS. That set was for her and she swears the tight brush hairs work amazingly for her. Personally I've never used any of the ECOTOOLS products before. and I wanted to purchase an individual foundation brush but they didn't have any. so.....

I got myself a foundation brush by Morphe and an eyelash applicator tool for my mom's trip. I felt the brush picked up too much makeup but it gave me a really nice full and blur coverage, which is what the foundation is all about. I use the Milk Foundation with this brush. 5 stars for both the foundation and the brush.

I chose the Ardell Dual Lash Applicator for my mom because it was the easiest looking applicator that she could actually use. and I loved that the push tip because she always has trouble applying her falsies as closest to the lash line. I am confident that this product will make it easier for her.

Hope you were inspired to try some, if any of these products if you haven't already. If you have, let me know how your experience was with them. and Please don't forget to Like, Comment and share.


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