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Organic Hemp Oil

here's a slew of products containing hemp, sold at ULTA

I really wanted to share this product with you guys. By BeeHealthyInc. It's a dietary supplement that contains....yep! you guessed it, Hemp. But hemp is not only seen as a dietary supplement. I am sure that at one time or another you've walked into target and seen lotions with Hemp as their main ingredient. It's also been used in other skin products, clothing, accessories, automobiles, construction, food and plastic.

This specific product from. BeeHealthy Inc, is vegan, gluten free and GMO free. It also tastes like grass, but the less than likable taste is a small price to pay for what it can do for you, your health and well being.

So here's the story. I was blown away by my friend Miriam's transformation. She gradually started exposing herself a little more on social media. she seemed happy, more relaxed, confident and full of positiveness. I never knew it was because of this product until she posted this product on social media and talked about what lead her to this product and how it changed her life. Her main complaint was anxiety, so overwhelming that it would lead to panic attacks. She kept trying all kinds of products to help herself feel better and more feel like herself again. Not only has this product help her be calm, have less anxiety, it actually helped with her migraines as well.

Then I got on the wagon, because I too was suffering from anxiety, depression and OCD. In my opinion one of the worst combinations of diagnoses you could have. I was stressed out from the two surgeries I had recently and my work environment was not working out for me, it got to the point where I was afraid to be there. I was desperate for a miracle. That I would find something better and that I would get better. and the more I tried, the deeper I got into darkness. but I wasn't ready to give up yet. I knew I had to fight for what was right and for what I needed. and fighting (not physically), but simply battling my struggles was tiring and stressful because your mind is constantly on the go. I slept less, I had less energy.

When I started with the small bottle because I wasn't sure how it would work on me. Remember that everyone is different. The bottle comes with directions on how to take the product. but I guess it can be tailored to your specific needs like I have, you can find out more about this when you purchase your products and talk to their incredible staff or shoot them an email on their website

When I first took it, I was at my mom's I felt sleepy and a little paranoid because I was around my mom and my eyes were really droopy, she was like "are you high again?" lol. but I simply said I was tired and couldn't sleep the night before.

But as I sat there, I was just sitting there just calm. which was weird because I wasn't used to calm. I was used to flying off my hinges and constantly have more than the normal type of anxiety. I was always thinking ahead, I've had my mind on constant Go mode for 10 years. but that day at my mother's I just felt pleasant. I wasn't thinking of anything specific, which is unlike me. It took a few days for me to get the full benefit if it and one of my favorite things has been being able to sleep all through the night. I always woke up 4 or 5 times a night. but since the Hemp Classic, I've been sleeping with no disruption.

So here are the facts, we covered the vegan, non GMO stuff already. this product does contain <0.3% THC non-detectable. For those of you worried about drug tests because CBD (Hemp) is part of the cannabis family. Trust me I worried about that because I work for a hospital. but Drug tests don't test for CBD. This does not give you a psychoactive (or high) effect like marijuana does.

So what's the the difference between Marijuana and Hemp?

In its appearance it's extremely different. Marijuana grows in a tight bud or nugget with little organ hairs.

Hemp has skinnier leaves thats's concentrated at the top few branches or leaves appear below the top and it's taller than a marijuana which if observed from afar looks like a short bush and Hemp is tall and skinny. There are massive differences between the two, both visually and chemical components. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the ingredient that gives you that psychoactive high. Whereas Hemp has a high cannabidoil (CBD) content and acts as an antagonist that makes that <0.3% THC basically useless and non-detectable. The last difference is its cultivation. Hemp can grow in a variety of climates and in plots 4 inches apart from each other, whereas Marijuana needs a controlled warm and humid climate and set 6 feet apart from each other. As said before, Hemp is the antagonist for Marijuana so if grown together the hemp's pollen would immediately reduce the potency of the psychoactive ingredient known in Marijuana.

I totally recommend this product to anyone who needs it, wether it's a mental need or an emotional need. This product is quiet amazing. It works in different ways, it calms you down, reduces anxiety and even relieves pain. You can grab this item at, their website has recently launched and is offering a 10% discount RIGHT NOW!

Their products come in different strengths and quantities and You are just a click away from your journey to wellness. Click on any of the BeeHealthyInc logos to be directed straight to their website.

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