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A house made of hair... Part 2

Day 1 (2/18)

I got my hair trimmed today and as most places will do, they wash your hair before they cut. I almost didn't get my hair cut because of the screw on my head, I had to reassure her that as long as she didn't comb that area and pulled my screw out, it was fine. I contemplating not showering today because my hair had already been washed but since it was also freshly cut, I probably had hair in my shirt/sweater. The photo below is before the haircut.

Before hair trim. Ignore light on my forehead. pretend I am Vision.

I got home and decided that I promised I would post Part 2 by Friday so I started my new hair/product regime. The hair product... (Insert drumroll here)... SheaMoisture!

Pretty much the entire SheaMoisture line I purchased from target.

Step 1 and 2 (shower routine)

SheaMoisture Castor Oil Treatment Masque

Step One: I shampooed and Conditioned my hair with the two small orange bottles clearly marked as shampoo and conditioner and left each in my hair for 3 minutes. but I really wanted to do the hair treatment with castor oil for the problem I've been having with my hair, which was the recommendation from my facebook fam. This was really why I decided to wash my hair again. I wanted to rush the the treatment. Which leads to step two...

Step Two: For this I used the Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen & Restore Treatment Masque, I let this sit in my hair for 20 minutes.Yep! I used Siri to make sure she counted those twenty minutes down for me. From my search, this is to be used once a week but I'll be starting with twice a week for now. At least until I can get my hair from falling out the way it has been. Which was my initial complain besides wanting to get my natural waves more defined with products that are aimed for curly or wavy hair. This is also the only time I would comb/brush my hair in the shower before proceeding with the rest of my routine. I listed steps 1 and 2 together because these happen in the shower.

Step 3 (after shower routine)

I followed up with the SheMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen and Restore Leave-In Conditioner (pictured in the first picture of step 1 and 2).

What I love about these products is that they are sulfate free, No Parabens, No Phthalates, No mineral oil, No propylene glycol, No animal testing and No petrolatum. What most of these products do come with is Coconut oil, Silk protein, Neem oil, Shea butter, Peppermint, and/or Apple cider vinegar in some products. and they are certified organic, so you know you're not putting junk in your hair that could damage your hair.

Step 4

Aragon of Morocco Weightless Healing Oil by OGX

I then lightly spritz some Aragon Oil of Morocco Weightless Healing Dry Oil by OGX which has become my second favorite product. and the reason I said I would probably not be buying the Dove dry shampoo in part 1 is because even though I have a freshly bought full bottle of it, I discovered that OGX has a dry shampoo infused with biotin and collagen. I love anything biotin. I feel it's the real ingredient that made my hair grow over the last few months.

When I first got out of surgery for the hearing aid on my head and couldn't shower for two weeks, I got a travel size Aragon oil of Morocco dry shampoo by OGX from CVS. I loved it. but when I saw they carried the biotin and collagen recently, I thought I have to have this when I'm out of Dove. The downside is that this product does leave that dry residue but brushing it out after applying usually takes care of that. but I only use the dry shampoo when I don't follow my regular routine of SheaMoisture products and its been more than two days since I washed my hair.

Step 5

I used the SheaMoisture Coconut and Hibiscus Anti-frizz Max Hold Gel. Feeling my hair now, it does feel pretty Max, a little too stiff for my taste in any kind of mousse or gel. It looks like I might have to spritz my hair with water in the morning just to revive the gel and hopefully break it down a little. Maybe use less gel next time. I flipped my hair upside down and started collecting my hair in a crunching style into a ball on top of my hair and went to sleep.

Day 2 (2/19)

Morning, right after removing the hair ties.

As soon as I woke up, I took the hair ties out of my hair and there was definitely stiffness from the gel. So as predicted, I got my hands wet and gently went though my hair in a crunching motion with my hair upside down. and then did the same with the front and top of my head. I used a small amount of water, basically whatever was left on my hands after washing them. You can't see the top of my hair in the photo above but I'm still getting this routine down, so I have to work more on getting the crunching on the base of my hair. It wouldn't hurt to say I'm the flip the hair back and forth kinda gal (insert Willow Smith's "I flip my hair back and forth" song here). As the day went by, my hair got better and better. It was softer and bouncier and needless to say I'm throwing away all the other products I've ever purchased like right now. The photo below shows my hair a lot less stiff and has more of a wave then when I first removed the hair ties.

Later that day 2 p.m.

Before Bed Routine on non-wash days

Before bed, I sprayed my hair with water, not too much, just enough to crunch and repeat last night's sleep hair prep routine. I'll flip my hair over and then collect it in a crunching motion until I have a mess of a crunch bun on top of my head. This time, I'll be applying the curl enhancing smoothie on the base of my head (since I need to work on that) and see if it makes any difference tomorrow before I hit the shower. I'm only doing this step tonight and make sure I get the entire base of my head next time. So I don't have to do this again. Remember, I'm only washing my hair every other day. Bless the white girls who only wash once a week. I can't do that with my oily mess. I also learned that using scrunchies are better than hair ties, so I invested in two of them because on wash day I require two scrunches (without double looping), I just wrap each one around the crunch bun and leave it alone but the next day I only need one which I do loop twice.

Day 3 (2/20)

I woke up like this, flawless.

Alright so its day three. and there are good news and bad news. The good news is that my hair looked amazingly curly when I woke up. The bad news is that I had a problem with my sutures on my head from the hearing aid surgery, so I had to do an emergency visit to the hospital to have them painfully removed and as a result I was banned from showering today.

frizz is not the bizz.

and given my major OCD problem, I probably won't shower tomorrow either since there was a little open gap on the incision after the sutures were removed. but I am definitely sticking to my every other day routine because I did notice some frizz towards the end of the day today as you can see on the picture to the right. and you can see the big difference between the two photos on this day. To be fair I did forget to spritz the Moroccan oil for that shine and maybe that's what caused the frizz. but not to worry my friends this product is still amazing!

Day 4 (2/21)

hair still till looking pretty nice.

Even though I had that little emergency with my sutures and couldn't shower. Still, day four was a success. My hair is still so soft and bouncy and this time I didn't forget the Aragon Oil. I will be posting my final review tomorrow and I can't wait to share these products with you.

Day 5 (2/22)

I finally got to wash my hair. At first it didn't seem too bad as far as the amount of hair falling out. but when it came down to the SheaMoisture treatment mask and I combed my hair through, I noticed a shit load of hair. but to be fair I didn't follow my every other day washing routine because of the sutures situation.

My overall review fore this product is an A+++. I really loved it. and I will extremely recommend for anyone who just has that in between waves and big long curl type of hair. This product will definitely define those hard to tame waves for days.

Remember that every hair is different and I can't promise that this product will work for you as well as it did for me. I recommend that you find what type of hair you have and go from there. but I do feel SheaMoisture has something for everybody. Wether it's for curls, or hair treatments. These products are amazing and they smell so good.

As an added little bonus, I wanted to share with you the Multivitamins I use daily, including the biotin vitamin I used that helped my hair grow. Both purchased from Trader Joe's, they come loaded with vitamins and minerals and the biotin is vegan.

Let me know if you use or have used this product before and how it worked for you. I want to know about other products you use that work for you other than SheaMoisture, what your routines are and how you found out about such product(s).

Like always, I hope you loved this blog and took something from it with you, wether it's getting the product or following a routine. Don't forget to like, comment and share.


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