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A house made of hair?, Part 1

At the beginning of 2018 I was moaning and whining over my hair not growing at all. I mean at all. I had friends or followers who cut their hair short and then three months later it was half way down their back. but not my hair, I would often ask, "what is your secret?" and they would simply reply Coconut Oil. "but what kind?" I would ask myself. Like coconut cooking oil? is there a specific product in the shampoo isle specifically for hair? I mean coconut oil didn't exactly promote hair growth but then again, products that promoted hair growth wouldn't work. and the coconut oil didn't work.

By the end of 2018, my hair had grown a lot. I don't know how because even though I bought coconut oil, I'd only used it once or twice.

Eleven days after my 33rd birthday I had back surgery and could only shower from my chest down for two weeks. and 26 days on January 15th I had brain surgery, jk. I did have surgery for a new hearing aid though. because this surgery involved shaving the side of my head and drilling a screw into my skull, I couldn't shower for two weeks. My hair was oily and flaky and I mostly wore head bands to cover the dressing and the massive unnecessary shaved side of my head whenever I wore my hair in a ponytail or bun. I knew that after the two weeks were up and I could finally take a shower I was going to have a lot of hair fall out. Imagine not showering for two weeks and having your hair always in a bun. When I finally got the shower, I wasn't expecting so much hair to fall out. It was insane. and it didn't stop there, My hair kept falling out everywhere, it was on the floors in my house, I would find myself pulling strands of hair from my clothes, it was on my desk, in the hallway, on my night stand; you name it, it was there!

At this time, the only products I used were Aveeno Nourish and Shine Shampoo and Conditioner and Then since my conditioners always last longer than my shampoo (does that happen to you too? or is that just me?), I combined the Nourish and Volume Shampoo with the Nourish and Shine conditioner because my hair was feeling rather flat and dull. Since I mostly wore my hair up, I tried to avoid other products and basically haven't used my usual Herbal Essences Totally twisted curl boosting mousse since my last surgery (January). I'm not much of a put of bunch of shit in my hair type of person. I like to shower, throw on some mousse and get the hell out, wherever that is; work, time with friends etc.

So I took to my Facebook family and asked what was a good product for hair loss. No bald spots just pulling chunks of hair from my head whenever I shower, and the uncontrollable strands of hair all over my apartment. I tried showering every other day instead of my every day routine. I thought, maybe my hair needed to be weened back to it's usual routine. but that didn't work.

Which led me to invest in dry shampoo on a friend's recommendation. I invested in Dove Refresh+Care Volume and Fullness Dry Shampoo. It smelled nice and unlike Tresemme Dry Shampoo which I tried years ago before I discovered that if my hair went more than 24 hours without washing it, turned into literally oil and of course that was after I discovered that Tresemme was basically trash. Not only did it leave my hair white, it made it more oily. As a result I was extremely skeptic about trying Dove or any other dry shampoo, but I actually liked it and perhaps I may or may not consider buying this product again. and I'll tell to why, keep reading.


The answer from my facebook fam was Castor Oil in regards to my hair falling out. What the fuck is caster oil I thought. Do I buy this at Auto Zone or what the fuck. So I then I took to YouTube and typed in "best products for wavy hair", because thats's what I have these unusual natural big waves that I never really knew how to enhance besides Herbal Essences curl boosting mousse. I discovered that 1. my hair type works better with gel, not mousse. and 2. which product contained castor oil and I learned so much in these youtube videos that I thought maybe the culprit is the Aveeno Shampoo.

Now you might think I'm crazy for purchasing and testing this new particular product to me. Which is why I bought the travel size versions in case I didn't like it. and regarding the dry shampoo, I discovered along these new products a different dry shampoo. but this is where the cliff hanger starts. I won't tell you which products until Friday. Once I've tested and see if there are any significant changes and also because I need a hair trim.

My friends, stay tuned because you know I love reviews and this one is gonna be a good one. Castor oil, bring it on!

Like always I ask that you like, comment and share this article/review and stay tuned for Friday's results.


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