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Valentine's Day Challenge

Cupid Asleep

I just wanted to remind everyone that Valentine's Day is the day of Love and Friendship. So while it's highly appropriate and perhaps even an expectation to give your significant other a gesture of your love. Its is also a day of Friendship. and on this much celebrated day I ask for all my friends to take this challenge and also celebrate your friends.

Most people would say it's a man-made holiday and it's a bullshit day to show someone you love them when you can do it everyday. Thats's true, and in that case why celebrate your birthday? or your anniversary? After all, its just another day. but this Valentine's Day I'd love to see a shift in showing your actual friends more love. Like most of you say, you have 365 days of the year to show your significant other you love them. We all have to bend a little.

I would say, pay the most attention to those friends who've been struggling lately. Wether its financially or a medical condition. Maybe they had a family member who recently died or maybe they had their heartbroken recently. I mean when did we decide that Valentine's Day was just about love for you and your husband or wife or girlfriend or boyfriend or someone you romantically like?

Growing up and until this day my parents and brothers have always given each other something. My brother would give me a handmade card and chocolate and I would give him theatre tickets or something. My mom would give me something, I would give her something.

When I was a kid in school, we sent cupid's love gifts to our best friends. Usually it was just a heart shaped chocolate or lollipop with a little card attached saying "Happy Valentin'e day". I remember lining up at the Valentin'e day booth to pay $1.50 to have this gesture of a gift delivered to them during class. and then seeing their faces light up when the bell rang and you saw each other in the quad.

I know some of you have thousands of friends, I'm just saying, don't be a dick and open your heart to someone who may need that extra love this Valentine's Day. The challenge is to pick one friend, just one person who you think would need this more on a day that love is suppose to be celebrated everywhere. With lovers, friends, family, everyone. Love is love no matter who you are or where you are. and everyone deserves love. Everyone deserves the gesture of knowing that they are being thought of, even if not romantically but as friends, as people that matter, people with feelings, and above all the very people that have been there for you just as much as you've been there for them.

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