• Jeimmy Gace


A young woman with long blonde shiny hair was stowing her luggage on the top of her seat of a small Cessna 172 in the small town of Greenville, Kentucky. Next to her sits an older man around his late 40's, wearing a suit and reading an old local news paper for the city of Greenville. He carried nothing but a brief case and wore a suit. Facing them and directly across were a couple still settling into their seats. The couple is in their early thirties, both brown hair and brown eyes. The man wore glasses and had medium slick hair, the woman had short curly hair and was wearing a Greenville cap while holding a program for the Popovich Comedy Pet Theatre. "Honey, honey, you can put that under the seat" she says in a thick Jersey accent.

The engine of the small Cessna begins to roar. The captain announces a small delay as he takes a swig out of a small canteen of whiskey. As everyone settles down into their seats, the captain announces to buckle up and get ready for take-off. The plane ascends into the sky. Leaving behind the little town of Greenville with a population of 4,300. Soon they were flying through the clouds and above the glittering ocean. The curly haired woman took pictures on her phone, while the man next to her read a copy of The Grapes of Wrath. The blonde girl was listening to her iPod and appeared to be studying. and the man next to her appeared to be taking a nap.

Thirty minutes into the flight there was a hard thump and turbulence began to shake the entire plane left to right, up and down. The blonde looked across from her, the two people in front of her looked frightened. and then a pop and a sound-like suction. The blonde turned to the man beside her as he was sucked out of the airplane. The suction noise was the airplane door flying out. The oxygen masks fell off the bottom of the stow aways and the alert sounds were even more distracting than the plane bopping every which way. Next, The Grapes of Wrath guy got sucked out before he could even put his oxygen mask on. The woman sitting next to him let out the most terrifying scream anyone has ever heard. She reached out for the man but letting go of her seat sucked her out too. The blonde was the only one who actually strapped up. She looked back at the captain who didn't seem to be moving. Terrified she tried to reach under her seat looking for a parachute but her seat begins to come off the floor. Hoping the seat doubled as a floating device, she braced herself for what she knew was coming. Her seat was unhinged and was thrown into the open door of the pilot's cockpit. She grabbed on to him, trying to shake him as she was inches away from being sucked out herself. In an attempt to save his life, she unbuckled him and they were both sucked out of the plane.

Anne, woke up floating in the ocean. Her long blonde hair spread smoothly on the surface of the glistening water. She had been visiting her grandparents in Greenville and was on her way home to New York City. She was a student at NYU and was working on her Bachelor's degree in Science. She couldn't move, the impact of her hitting the ocean left her in bad shape. She tried looking around and found she was in agonizing pain, she couldn't move and couldn't see anything or anyone. Nothing but water.

The man that was sitting next to her was a successful lawyer named Nick from Texas. A UCLA alumn. He had been in Greenville investigating the disappearance of a young girl. The family of the girl had hired the lawyer because he had been the roommate of one of their relatives in college. He was going back to Los Angeles after their lay-away in Illinois.

The couple in the plane were Katherine and her husband Anthony. They were newlyweds. They had chosen Greenville, Kentucky as their honeymoon destination. They were heading back home to Washington D.C. They both worked for a huge broker company. He was one of the top dogs in the company, she was a secretary. They fell madly in love and pulled a shot gun wedding and decided Greenville would be the last place they would ever be alive.

The pilot's name was Jason Shaw, he was 34 from Connecticut. He was an alcoholic and worked for a the small airline piloting Cessnas to and from international airports to remote areas. He graduated top of his class in Aviation and soon his wife of four years filed for divorce and took the children with her. He'd lost everything to alcoholism.

After the Cessna was reporting missing and off the radar, the coast guard began their search to locate the Cessna 172. By the time the passengers were found, Anne had died from exposure and had suffered a broken hip. Katherine and Anthony drowned and were found floating near shore in a beach no one could get to on foot. The forrest ahead of shore was so dense it was impossible. Nick was also found floating about a mile from Anne in the middle of the ocean. Weeks later, the pilot washed up near some coves. Discovered by some joggers.

There were no survivors.

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