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Girl, Book Review.

"There isn't one right way to be a woman. There isn't one right way to be a daughter, friend, boss, wife, mother, or whatever else you categorize yourself as. There are so many different versions of each and and every style on this planet, and beauty lives in that dichotomy.

The kingdom of God is in that dichotomy"

I'm reviewing "Girl, Wash your face" by Rachel Hollis. This book started off great. I loved reading her story. Her success in becoming a huge mogul in the entertainment business. Her struggle with the suicide of her brother and how she over came it. I loved reading about making her dreams come true and the hardships she went through from wanting to adopt.

More than anything I loved how she talked mostly about determination and going after your dreams no matter how small or big. This book by the way, is a great book for all the hard working mommies out there, whether they're working outside the home or working hard from home cleaning all the nooks and crannies your kids stick their boogers in.

I'll admit that by chapter 17 I was dying. I was so bored and decided to quit reading it. For a day anyway. Because then I decided I had to finish it. After all, this is what the book is about. Determination and reaching your goals by being consistent. and even though she didn't start off rich, she did have a husband and I would say was financially well off and had the support to make her dreams come true. I liked how she based all her chapters on a "lie" women often tell themselves that keep them from pursuing their dreams and her devotion to her faith in Christianity.

She writes, after becoming pregnant and her family disapproved of her going back to work instead of being a stay at home mom, "Open disapproval wasn't enough to make me change my course, but I did stop claiming it as my own. I wouldn't recognize it until years later, but those opinions began to wear me down. I was like a piece of glass that gets throw into the ocean. Other people's opinions became my waves, their judgement the sand I was tossed against over and over until it began to chip away my jagged edges. I know that as a society we tend to think being smooth and pretty, everything worn to a soft, rounded edge, is what we should aspire to. But the more I grow and learn and think about it, the more I understand that your jagged edges- the parts of you that stick out in odd directions and don't match everyone else- those are what make you unique."

I connected with her, with her brother's suicide and my struggle with suicide. I connected with her in that her family judges her and wants to have an opinion on your decisions and I can bet that this is something. that probably every single person can relate to. I connected with her in that you should hang out with people who share your same hustle. I connected with her in that you should accept who you are. I think it's one of the most important things because that's what makes people so mad on my end is that I accept who I am and the things that I have endured. and there's always a big middle finger involved because they don't know how I feel or what I've suffered. and what I had to learn to finally be free from things that kept me imprisoned in my own self. and last I connected with her in having daily habits to emphasize your goals. Her advice: "write them down everyday." and of course, act on it.

Also, I cheated a little bit. I skipped all the mom chapters because I didn't relate. BUT that's why I recommend this book because based on the rest of the books, she was full of great experiences and wisdom and has gone through almost everything all the mommies have gone through or perhaps have questioned themselves. I will tell you that if ever I want to adopt, this book had made me think twice. There is so much psychological trauma that comes with the entire adoptions process. but thats's for you to read. I recommend this book, period. To everyone who wants to start a business or already has. This social media mogul is such a cutie, witty and definitely got some laughs out of me.

<-- Rachel Hollis looking so perfect and rich and no cares in the world. Seriously though, go pick up your copy of "Girl, Wash Your Face".


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