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I was the review today

I had an interview today. I was complemented on how different my resume was. It stood out. and I was complemented by the long years I've held in customer service.

When I first applied for the job, I was immediately turned down. I wondered why? The job posting said they accepted entry level applicants and as far as the licensure requirements, I was allowed to complete that within 30 days of hiring.

So I picked up the courage to email the hiring manager and requested my resume be re-considered based on the job posting. and it worked! I got an interview. In my opinion, I killed the interview. I answered every question with confidence and great examples. but I was asked nothing about my current position. Which I was a little grateful for because we all know the challenges I've had there.

Even though it didn't seem that there would be an open position for me at this time, after all they wanted someone with at least some experience. They did mention some promising positions coming up soon. I hope that I am considered for the job I applied for but if not I'll be content wherever I'm considered qualified for. but for now I'lI need to bare a few more months were I am now before I can transition into the hospital.

but really, I just wanted to let you guys know that it doesn't matter what your dreams are, if you work hard and learn not to accept the "No's" you've been given but rather learn to look for another route to your dream until you find your "Yes", you can truly make it happen. You might go through a hundred "No's" before you get your "yes" but don't let that be the reason you quit. There will always be set backs, but always get up.

Over and over again I've been judged for being a minimalist, for being fine living in a small place, on my own but in peace. I've been judged for working at the places I've worked. I've been judged for speaking up and not take no for an answer or let people step all over me. I've been judged for making decisions I shouldn't have made or decisions I didn't make. I've been judged for doing things that today I'm not so proud of. I've been judged judged judged.

But here's what I have to say about that... FUCK YOU! I don't owe anyone an explanation and neither should you. Today I left that interview feeling good about myself and confident that something would come up soon. That I am on the right path to the right place. Even though there is no finish line, no final destination, life still is and will always be full of possibilities.

No matter what your parents say, or your boyfriend, or your entire family. Remember that you are on your lane, not theirs. Your journey, not theirs. You own your mistakes, not them. You own and have earned your achievements, not them. So ignore the negativity and keep your eyes on the price for they haven't a clue where you're going or want to go.

and Dear old school Mexican parents, I'm speaking directly to you. speaking English doesn't mean you can get any job you want and you can just choose to be a manager or CEO of whatever you feel like. That's like living in Mexico and thinking just by speaking Spanish, you can get a job. All of Mexico speaks Spanish. To get somewhere, you have to work hard. You have to stand out from the competition and sometimes that could be a group of hundreds or thousands. and more often than not, jobs are given to the most educationally qualified on paper, not who speaks English. Those hundred and thousands I just talked about all speak English. trust me.

For the rest of. you, be happy for you. Do things for you. Live how you want to live as long as you're pushing and not hurting other people. Believe in your dreams, in your abilities. Don't let other people dim you no matter who they are. Don't let them make you feel worthless because you don't do things their way. Do what works for you. and don't apologize.

"if you can dream it, you can do it"

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