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So I caved in and purchased the MacBook Air. In a way I feel like I downgraded and upgraded at the same time. You see, I had the MacBook Pro for four years, never had an issue with it and in it's name "Pro"... well I never truly used the full power of the MacBook Pro. I do very light photo editing and not many videos but when I do videos, it's still basic editing.

I had the hardest time deciding between the iMac and MacBook Air. I never owned a desktop before and had no idea what to expect considering I still had the iPad Pro. I was too attached to my MacBook but the processor wasn't as fast anymore, there was nothing really wrong with it besides the occasional frozen download which was fixed by simply stopping it and re-loading whatever I was working on, and waiting a few extra seconds for the MacBook Pro to load the pages in general was sort of a fuss. This new MacBook Air is lighting fast.

So I made up my mind and decided I needed to stick to what I knew best, so I bought the MacBook Air. Which made me feel weird going from the Pro to the Air. but one thing I was looking for in my new purchase was portability. I needed something lighter. The second thing was, I needed something faster, and the third thing was pricing. The MacBook Air met all three of my top priorities when shopping for a new laptop. I am still very curious about owning a desktop. I'd like to know if any of you own an iMac? What are your thoughts? Is it worth the buy?

MacBook Air VS. iPad Pro

I found that as Pro as my iPad is, it actually doesn't work when it comes to editing my website. From time to time I like to switch up my site, make it a different color, add different layouts, or backgrounds. So I'm actually not impressed with the iPad as I was during the first impression. but even so I still found myself reaching for my iPad to take for work, solely based on the portability and not really it's capabilities. If I knew I'd be doing editing on a particular day, the heavy MacBook Pro it was. Don't get me wrong, I reached for the Ipad more often than not because I could still get a lot of work done on it regardless of the little annoyances. Which leads me to feel that maybe I should sell my iPad Pro. Now that I have the MacBook Air, which is now not too bulky to take to work. It's so light I can't even get over it. Besides that, I could pretty much do anything on the iPad Pro, it just didn't quiet live to it's comparison to a laptop.

MacBook Air VS. MacBook Pro

This one will be short and simple, just like the iPad Pro, I never really took advantage of all the features of the MacBook Pro like I said before. To me the Macbook Air and the MacBook Pro are the same thing. meaning I can do all the things I was able to do with the MacBook Pro, according to my needs. A win is that the difference between them is the the MacBook Air is much much lighter and but the downside is that the MacBook Air doesn't have all the ports I need, for example connecting my phone to this laptop or slot reader. I understand it's not really needed since everything is done via icloud anyway. A few clicks and you can air drop or download your content from your phone to your computer. But there's always the option to buy adapters (and spend more money). But that's entirely optional and it's entirely up to an individuals preference.

Specs and Audio

Okay so let's get to the specifics. I purchased the latest 8th generation intel core i5 processor MacBook Air in space grey but it also comes in silver and gold. My specific MacBook comes with 8gb of memory (configurable), 128 gb of SSD storage (configurable), Touch ID, force touch trackpad, Retina display and only 2.75 pounds. compared to the current 3.02 pounds the latest MacBook pro weighs. However, my old MacBook pro was 4 years old so it probably weighed in about 4 pounds, real feel was probably about 5 pounds. Not fun to carry around an airport. Which was the reason I decided to buy the iPad in the first place, for travel. but I haven't traveled much either lately. This MacBook Air is literally like Air.

The Audio delivers twice the bass according to the apple website and 25% more volume. Which is great for a deafie like me. Accessibility has an option for the deaf that allows the screen to flash every time there's an alert that needs attention, but I've never been a fan of this feature. However, this feature on the back facing camera of the iPhone X is amazing and super useful for me and it's used by those who aren't even deaf. Overall the sound is quiet impressive, there is no complaint on that end.

Keyboard, Touch ID, and Trackpad

I am definitely enjoying the butterfly keyboard even though I am seeing reviews that the keyboard is just "ok". but for someone like me who sometimes has long nails or even with short nails, I type so fast that I miss a key or two sometimes but with the butterfly keyboard, even hitting the corner of a key actually responds very well. Personally I am loving the new keyboard. I feel more control and more stability.

For me the Touch ID turned out to be a little useless since my apple watch rarely leaves my wrist unless I'm taking a shower or it's charging, my apple watch unlocks my computer like it did with my MacBook Pro. No biggie, I still use the Touch ID to make purchases or when it goes on sleep mode when I leave it open.

The trackpad, well, I do see the difference in force touch but by no means is it life changing, It's definitely bigger, and more responsive, and I've never owned anything other than a MacBook so I can't compare what I'm sure is an amazing trackpad (based on what other's said about it) with something like a Dell or an HP.

Going Green

For all my favorite nerds, The MacBook Air is designed with 100% recycled A1 aluminum, which means it's designed with 6,000 series aluminum for strength and durability. Whatever that means. But if I was excited about this without even being that green of a person (not like Gamora green), I am sure you guys would love this.

Battery and Resolution

I will say that today I did a lot of editing, writing, research and downloading beginning around 12:30-ish or 1p.m. but by 7p.m. my battery life indicator was on red or 5% to be exact. I will have to give the MacBook Air another go when I'm not transferring things from my phone to my MacBook or downloading movies and see if this laptop really lives up to it's 12 hour battery life expectancy. but today, it was definitely a fail.

I won't even say much about the resolution because even as a non MacBook owner, you have seen for yourself just how great the resolution is on all retina MacBook and iMac screens. The MacBook Air standing at 2560 x 1600 native resolution with 227 per inch, with room for millions of amazing colors. Videos and Photos are crispier than ever and I will add, on another note and as an added bonus that the charging brick is a lot smaller than the MacBook Pro's and the USB seems to be longer too. It's a win win.

Bottom Line

Is the MacBook Air worth buying? I would say absolutely. It's a decent price for a great computer, doesn't weigh a ton like the MacBook Pro does. It works perfectly fine with editing my blog, editing photos, creating files, writing, and you still have iMovie and voice memos. FaceTime is a little grainy but I don't really use FaceTime on my computer. I have been using my laptop for since the day after Christmas now and I'm happy with my purchase and definitely don't regret returning the iMac.

Like always I hope you found this blog helpful if you're in the market for a new laptop. or maybe even helped you decide otherwise. That's how I make my mind about products too. I read reviews and youtube videos on the items I'm looking to buy.

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