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Kylie goes lost for Gloss

This is kind of like two reviews in one. Let's start with the main review. Kylie Cosmetics.

I have been watching Kylie and her swatching/try-on high glosses on Instagram and thought that some of the glosses looked gorgeous, smooth and glossy. Really shiny with great pigments. So on my birthday, i went to Ulta (on a friend's recommendation) to shop for a few family members and found the Koko K gloss. It was the last one. Besides the tester. I swatched the gloss, it was glossy and sticky. The kind of glossy and sticky I like. but then I noticed that it wiped off my hand with a single wipe, which gave me the impression that I wouldn't get that ugly white stripe on your inner lips after a few hours like most glosses do but also that it wouldn't be long lasting. Originally I wanted the high gloss in Diva (shown bottom left).

Diva Gloss

Koko K Gloss

In the end I got the Koko K (shown on the right) and I ended up loving it even though I couldn't compare it to the Diva in person since they didn't have it at all. but the Koko K looked like a nude pinkish color on me which was actually my goal. but let me tell you, by no means did my lips look like the picture as far as smoothness or shiny-ness. I might of made that word up.

Now, I understand that colors look different depending on the natural pigment of your lips. and I'm okay with that because, naturally, I can wear chapstick and still look like I'm wearing lipstick. but there are times when I want it to look just like in the picture lol. Does anyone have any tips on wearing lip gloss and making it look smooth? One thing I haven't done is pile it on, Usually the first withdraw from the tube goes on my top lip and the the second withdraw goes on the bottom. I rub my lips together and then I'm done. I don't wear any type of lipliners or primers underneath. Should I?

Koko K

Over all, I liked the gloss. I've been wearing it for five days now and I love the nude yet natural look. Like all glosses, it does dry up and do leave that ugly white accumulation on the inner lips. The hydration is pretty good. I don't like the wand that much, it makes the application streaky. Unlike her velvet lip kits which I adore, there's something soufflé about the texture , I love the wand and mostly I really love the Velvet Poison Berry kit, and it stays on even after you eat. But it also hasn't been in stock or seen anywhere for a while. C'mon Kylie girl, get it together. Below you'll see the Poison Berry Kit to the left and on the right picture are the only kylie lipticks I own and also my favorites so far Poison Berry included. From left to right you have Savage Velvet lipstick, Koko K lipgloss, Posie K Lip Kit, and Poison Berry Lip Kit (I forgot to include the pencils on the lip kits but you get it).

Savage, Koko K, Pose K, Poison Berry
Poison Berry

The second review it about Ulta. Now, I do most of my shopping at Sephora. I buy both my foundation and concealer by Milk. and I love their lip plumpers, Too Faced being one of them but Buxom being my favorite with their Dolly and Jessica shades (all shown blow, except Buxom Jessica gloss).

Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme

Golden Sand

Light Medium


I wasn't too thrilled with the ulta membership. You have to earn like a million points just to earn three dollars and most discounts/coupons only apply to Maybelline or NYX, basically drug store brands. I do like that they have both prestige and drugstore brands in the same store but I don't think I'll be visiting Ulta anytime soon, unless they get it together with more like-able Kylie product. Target and CVS is much closer to me for drugstore brands.

So Ulta on Pico Rivera, I give you a 6 out of 10. and that's purely on having drugstore brands. I thought I'd see more prestige cosmetics and more inventory on the items I was looking for, considering you're not a popular visitors destination. Also, your manager wasn't very nice, he seemed very flamboyantly douchey. but shout out to the girl who showed me around tirelessly even though I declined most if her suggestions. Ulta was pricier than I thought.

Kylie, I give you an 8 out of 10 for your Koko K gloss. and a perfect 10 for your velvet Poison Berry kit. but you gotta do something about your Mattes. Not only do they feel too heavy and I had take it off with cooking oil once, not very pleasant.

Poison Berry Lip Kit

Once again, I hope you found this article useful. As always please leave your comments, suggestion, ideas and make sure you share. Please share.


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