• Jeimmy Gace

A little to early but....

you all know my problem about being late. Just yesterday I felt like life wasn’t worth it anymore. My purpose was never going to be fulfilled the way I thought it was meant to be.

But then something happened and I realized, what the hell am I thinking. I obviously have the power to change the things I don’t like or the things I don’t want in my life.

So I thought to create a vision board for 2019. I know Christmas hasn’t even passed yet, let alone New Year’s Day, when everyone begins to set their resolutions. But my resolution starts right now.

I have so much work to do but also I leave everything up to God. He really loves me and he will provide how ever he see’s necessary. I have faith in him, I believe In his plan and I will come out on top with his help and his mercy.

Let me know about your vision board ideas, how you creat your boards (physically or on your computer), and wether it works for you or not.


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