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The Age of Entitlement

I really wanted to finish reading this book I bought a few weeks ago before I wrote this blog. But something happened to me recently that really made me realize that, like the book says "everyone feels so self-aggrandizing and self-entitled". To me, even though I've seen this behavior in recent generations, is still always mesmerizing. Considering that I still feel I was born right on the borderline (the other side of self-entitlement).

Also it will help to know that I was diagnosed with OCD and my version of beliefs and should's are different but also because I had a mother who didn't please every single one of my tantrums and/or wishes simply because I wanted to makes me a great candidate to have an opinion about this. If I misbehaved in public, I got the "eye" and for most cultures you know what that means, you're getting your the chancla when we get home.

So here's the story that really proved to me how self-aggrandizing really is a thing. There's an older woman, we'll call her Maya. Who is constantly walking into my department and not only requesting but also getting away with taking unpaid supplies for her customers on the excuse that the customer will show up later to pay. They don't. It is also illegal in my line of work to take supplies without having received payment first. But Maya walks into my department as if instead of the department name being "Department of make-up-a-name", She walks in as if the sign said "Department of Maya". This is extremely annoying to me giving that my OCD tells me that I must follow protocols and policies that are "supposedly" in place by the company. In this case Maya feels self-aggrandized because of her position/degree in the company. She's the Queen Bee and we're the ants. Therefore she feels she's entitled to break the rules, do what she wants and call the shots where her degree does not apply, in other words, outside her scope of practice.

I was reading this article on Psychology Today, on why people feel they are self entitled. I agreed and disagreed with many of their findings considering that culture does play a big part as to why and to what extent self-entitlement exists.

The author stated that it is healthy for children to believe they are the center of the world. In other words it's okay for a child's psychological development to think that narcism is completely normal. Now, the website also mentions that it is the parents responsibility to teach their children that other people's needs matter too. but lets face it, parents fail at this over and over again, often giving in to tantrums and the very essence of our topic entitlement. They rather just buy the damn toy to save face and not be embarrassed in the middle of Costco for refusing to buy the toy. As a result, they are enabling their children to continue this entitlement behavior until they get to the self-aggrandizing stage. "I am better than you because I have a degree", "I am big and you are small". Queen Bee/ants.

Children must not learn to be self-entitled, narcissistic or self-aggrandizing from a very young age.

This I call conditioning because as other websites mention and it's been mentioned over and over again that children brains are like sponges, retaining everything they see and learn. Children aren't taught verbally or in a worksheet in a classroom that it's okay to be self-entitled. They aren't taught in a classroom to make other feel small when they don't get what they want. They aren't taught in a classroom that they are so special they don't need to wait in lines, or find parking when they can just pull up to a handicap spot. They aren't taught in a classroom that hearing "NO" is forbidden in their own special self centered world. They actually learn it from their own parents behavior and their environment. and as they get older, they'll learn what self-entitlement is anyway.

From a young age, they must learn to be caring, to share, to be sensitive, to love humans the way they love animals, to abide by laws and rules: and we only hope that when they do learn about self-entitlement at a much much older age, that they would be the example and redefine the shitty selfish world we live in today. It is not okay to feel you are entitles to anything. Your life is only borrowed and it matters what you do with it while God is willing to continue to loan you life.

Today, we are living in a world of entitlement. Everywhere we go, what are we entitled for? We are entitled to be first in line, we are entitled to healthcare for ourselves and our kids, and to purchase homes. We're entitled to fly first class, receive our medications first even though there were five people ahead of you. We're entitled to smoke, and drink, and fuck.

where do we really draw the line on entitlement; politically and personally? How do we clean up this problem? In an (also) opioid epidemic age where (ideally, you wish) you can just give people a Xanax and be like "There! Shut the fuck up and Chill the fuck out dude!", because with self-entitlement comes verbal abuse and in an (also) age where management does nothing about it and take the meaning of "Customer Service" to a whole different level. The customer is not always right. And thats it. That's the bottom line. We have conditioned people that complaining is okay because it makes them feel better. Even if it means someone else's job is at stake. We have conditioned people to make exceptions for them. We have condition them to unrealistic expectations. but if people are not even aware of themselves, how can they even be aware of the needs of employees or the demands of the jobs in particular sensitive places of business, they don't give a fuck about you. They give a fuck about themselves and their wants and demands. And your managers don't give a fuck about you, they give a fuck about money, productivity, and numbers. YOU ARE AN ANT. So minute in their world, that they can step on you and feel absolutely nothing, they wouldn't even notice.

I want to know what you guys think on the matter? What has been your experience? Do you agree or disagree with this article?

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