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Apple Watch vs. Fitbit Blaze

So this happened! 

I swore I wouldn’t switch out the Space Grey iPhone 8 to the Silver (but I keep saying white), here’s why; I think many of you would agree the what really set Apple apart from the beginning of time is the white phone. Apple’s iconic white phone is traced back to it’s 3GS generation up the 4. The white iPhone hasn’t made an appearance for the last four iPhone generations. Sure it’s made good for borders and trims, but it hasn’t fully made its comeback even with the iPhone X. When I saw the silver iPhone 8, it looked white and it looked so much better with the glass and the silver apple logo.

But I have already posted a review on the iPhone 8, to read about that click on the link below.

Another iPhone 8 Review . 

I will be doing many comparisons with the Fitbit blaze in case any of you were wondering which of the two to get or for those of you who are contemplating getting a new Apple Watch entirely. I'm going to try to keep things simple, covering the basics and some of my favorites because this is a topic that needs to be covered extensively given the world of apps we live in but i'll try. 

Body, Size, Fit 

When I decided to get the Apple Watch, I hadn’t even tried it on. I had made up my mind solely on the fact that the watch looked a lot smoother, slim and I gotta admit, attractive. So In an effort to keep it small, I set my heart on the 38mm. But after watching so many reviews on the series 3, I found that a lot of women opted for the 42mm (it wasn't entirely unheard of), so before I bought the Apple Watch I tried both sizes on. I was disappointed to find that the 38mm was almost too small. But the 42mm at the moment seemed kind of big, the Fitbit was right in between, weighing about the same as the 42mm, the screen just looked a lot better overall (easier to press buttons, access apps, etc), So it was a no brainer that I opted for the 42mm. 

But don’t be scared (ladies) and gentlemen (with small wrists), the screen is not that big and you do get used to it really fast. I saw the 38mm on a man with a regular size wrist and it looked a little bit ridiculous (way too small) so I suggest the 42mm on all men. Here's another thing, some women who upgraded from the series 2 42mm to the series 3 38mm claim a perfect fit but maybe it's just my wrist but as far the band, the watch fits the same. What's more important is the size of the screen.

Now, I know I said I liked the Apple Watch for a more compact look, a lot less bulky than the Fitbit. But financially, it made more sense to get the 42mm and I’m so glad I did. I do not regret it at all. The watch looks great on my small wrists and from an onlooker point of view the watch is noticeably elegant. Remember two years ago, when it became fashion to wear watches with oversized faces?? It’s kind of like that but slim and highly functional.

It's disappointing that you can only fit two complications (time, date, messages) on most available watch faces (plenty to choose from) on the apple watch. Not much different than the fitbit but unlike the fitbit you can customize the complications to show your most important information. You can even set Mickey or Minnie to tell you the time with a tap of the screen.


Originally I had no intention of buying the "+ cellular" version of the series 3. Mainly because of the price but also because I kind of had no need for it. My cell phone rarely leaves my side and I don't need to take phone calls on my watch, though it is useful when you run out of the car with only your wallet at the gas station), You can see who texted or is calling and you can decide to take it or just call back later when you have your phone. The fitbit had a subtle vibration on your wrist and no sound at all. I literally had to turn the sound off most of my notifications (annoying) on the apple watch leaving only the haptic on. The point of a wearable would be to be discreet. At least in my opinion.

One thing I did notice, and I'm still trying to decide if I like, is that when you "hey Siri" on your apple watch and your iPhone is near, both your watch and phone respond. The perk about that is that if your watch can't perform the action you're telling it to, your iPhone will. It wouldn't be the same if you left your phone in your locker and the apple watch couldn't help you, then you're just screwed. 

Battery Life

I have to admit that I got more juice out of my fitbit then I do with the  apple watch. The fitbit was put to charge every two days or even three days and all it needed was 15 to 20 minutes to charge, the apple watch goes on it's charger every night and it takes a while to charge. To be fair I use my apple watch more than I used my fitbit which was designed exclusively with fitness and exercise in mind. Even though the apple watch got great reviews for it's battry life, I am not impressed. but I am impressed with how much you can do with it. 

Features and Apps (fitness, heart rate, messeges, calls)

 The fitbit can send notifications from your calendar, text messages, and later allowed notifications from apps such as snapchat. Like the apple watch it tracks your heart rate, set silent alarms, control your music (play/pause), track your sleep, track your exercise (personalized workouts right on your watch), complete work out challenges, share with friends, get inspirational messages to meet your goals through out the day, and somewhat personalize the watch face with limited options. Let's not forget, removable and interchangeable bands.

I like to keep track of my sleep because my work schedule is insane and doesn't allow me to blog or sleep on a normal life pattern. One of the main conveniences with the fitbit is that you don't need a third party app to track your sleep. It's built right in. You could also set your activity window, so you don't get those motivational messages or reminders to move at 7 a.m. For example, if you have a normal job that allows you to sleep in and you start your day at 9am and are usually in bed by 10, you can set the watch to track your activity only in that 9am to 10pm time frame. The apple watch just senses how long you've been moving and then begin to cheer you on as you go about your day.

Apps. The apple watch has all of the above except sleep tracker. You need to download a third party app. I used Pillow. I was very bummed out about that since it's somewhat important to me to keep track of my sleep.  A much bigger disappointment is that using the third party app will drain so much battery. From losing 3% of the battery life without activating Pillow during my sleep to 15%  to 20% with the Pillow app turned on. 

I tried using apple pay at Starbucks from my watch today, just so I can tell you guys about it but it didn't work and then I had to chat with apple support but I will be attempting to use apple pay again using my apple watch just to test it for myself I guess; I wont be doing a blog about apple pay.  

Unlocking your MacBook with your apple watch. This is a favorite. I thought about disabling that feature because I thought it was lazy. I mean I can punch in a passcode, right? Then one time I opened my laptop and tried to frantically enter my password but low and behold the apple watch unlocked it before I could even touch a single key on the keyboard. It saved the moment because I really needed to send an emergency email. The feature stays out of convenience, not laziness. 

Maps. The apple watch gives you turn by turn directions , it actually begins to tap you right when you're suppose to make a turn. One thing that did happen on one of my drives was that for some reason this specific journey, my apple watch connected a little delayed and it tapped me in the middle of passing the street I was suppose to turn in, and then I became nervous and I didn't know where I was going, I just ended the whole session before it got me in a car accident. So pay attention, connect before driving and never talk and drive. 

Find your iphone from your apple watch is another favorite feature of mine. It's mainly fun to use and sometimes I ping my phone just for no reason at all. But if you're the kind to lose everything or forget things (Kate), this feature is pretty cool. On the control center you select the "phone emitting sound" icon and it sends a ping to your phone. If you press and hold it, it will make your phone flash. Perfect for those with severe hearing loss (me). 

Screenshots. That is a screenshot indeed. I squealed when I took my first screenshot. It works! The screenshots are sent straight to your photo library. I don't see how this feature is helpful, after all, the watch does mirror your phone but it was just cool to see that feature on a watch.

Silencing phone calls and Notifications. To quickly turn off the sound when your apple watch rings or sends a notification, simply rest your palm on the screen for three seconds.  I'ts crazy that that's even a recognizable gesture on a watch. 

If you made it this far I am sorrrryyyyy for the blabbing but I am grateful for your support. I know it was really long and not short and simple like I said but there's just so much to cover, this isn't even the half of it. but there you have it, my apple watch review. I would highly recommend this watch and I'd say that it's totally worth it, at least the Series 3 makes it totally worth it. Please share, repost, comment, and thank you for reading. 


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