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Tempered Glass Reviews

Since the age of phone cases and screen protectors was born, I can't tell you how many screen protectors and brands i've used. No really, I can't. Most of my phone owning career I cared not what was on my screen. It almost seems like things were made to be more durable back in the day.

My first phone was a Nokia similar to the Nokia 3350. From then it was flip phones, Nextel and the Blackberry, made famous by TV reality show The Hills (Oh Lauren Conrad, you are still my most favorite classy girl). I never cracked a screen on any phone, that is until I broke my first screen on the iPhone 7. Don't get me wrong, I've broken many screens before, like when I was temporarily unstable and owned an android for a little over a year. What was i thinking!? I know! but I'll tell you how I broke my screen in a bit.

So when I decided to upgrade from the 7 to the 8 for no apparent reason other than my need to have the glass body. I decided to go on a little quest to find the best tempered glass screen protector in the market with more youtube reviews, customer reviews and from the apple guys themselves.

I honestly don't remember having anything other than a flimsy plastic film over my iphone 4 or 5, remember those? the films that bubbled everywhere. After the iPhone 5, i tested the waters with the android and broke every single one, the screens protectors that it. So i had enough and re-entered the iPhone world, just in time for the 5c and the new "Next" plans that were being introduced in phone companies, specifically AT&T in this case. Very foolishly, I opted for a 32gb Yellow iPhone. Yellow being one of my favorite colors and foolish because I could still afford to get a higher gb capacity but had been taught to not be too extravagant and be more economical, of course that's not true today (insert sarcasm here). I was still in love with the iPhone 5c and happy to be back in the iPhone community. I wasn't as tech savvy back then and only had my iphone as a personal phone, thats also not true today. I rely on my phone for business purposes just as much as I rely on it for personal use. The 32gb was just enough since it was only for personal use at the time. But since then, the iPhone has proven over and over again to be one of the most efficient, simplest, most iconic and resourceful devices of all time.

Anyway, back to the topic, that yellow iPhone, with the black interface was the first to have a real glass screen protector. I'll add that the morning I set myself out to go buy my new yellow iPhone, I dropped the Samsung Galaxy mini II that i had bought to replace the normal sized and same version of the Samsung Galaxy that i had also broken the month before. Both had no screen protectors at all.

In order not to bash or defame any tempered glass makers, I can't say for sure what brand I used for the 5c. It was either Tech Armor or Tech Pro but i remember that the corners of the tempered glass did chip fairly quickly. Again, I'm not sure which of the two it was but I also don't remember them to be too cheap entirely or completely shattered at all.

Once I got tired of the 5c, I briefly took over my half-sister's 6 plus, which was when I discovered that I wasn't a Plus kind of girl. I instantly regretted getting rid of the 5c. That is when I got the SE. I ended up going to this place called Cosmo Phone Repair, cuz you now...more friends. I called Cosmo to ask what brand they use, they literally said they use a local vendor. ha! there you have it. Local vendor screen protector turned out be great. No chips the two years it had the tempered glass. I too, chipped that tempered glass however right in the middle of the screen, hardly noticeable but nothing normal wear and tear would cause. Here's the best part, Lifetime Warranty for as long as you own your device. small fee applies, but still better than dropping $50 bucks every time you break your screen. or $200 to put in a claim with your insurance.The tempered glass screen is in as great condition as the day it was installed. So that phone was passed down to my mom when the 7 came out.

On the iPhone 7, I used the tempered privacy glass by Bodyguardz. $45.00. Because I'd seen my cousin with a privacy glass on her iphone and I wanted to be cool like her. Hi katie! It sucked so bad!! It began to chip in the corners within hours. It did the job though, but then when I bought the Olloclip lenses, the already chipped and broken glass was damaging the inside of the Olloclip lens and causing even more breakage and cutting up my hear when I held the phone for calls. So I decided to remove the remaining of the tempered glass and buy a 5 dollar flimsy film as a temporary fix so I could use and test out the lenses. The next day as I was getting out of the shower, I picked up my things and out flew my iphone 7, corner first, onto the tiled floor. That my friends, is the story of how I broke my iPhone's screen.

So lucky for me my iPhone 8 was already in the mail. and this is when I entered the quest of finding a great tempered glass screen protector and I found it!

Zagg Invisible Shield. I was doing my homework on youtube searching the best rated and best reviewed tempered glasses online, from vendor pages to retail stores. I was so disappointed by the bodyguardz product that I tried to find an excuse for it. Maybe the privacy layer affected the performance of the glass. BULLSHIT! it was a cheap glass and it was actually sold by AT&T, it's like they want you to break your screen and come get a new one every other month. Then I thought, I could try the regular (no privacy) glass by bodyguardz and see if it's any better. Until I found this privacy tempered glass on sale at best buy for 18.99, original price was 44.99. If I was going to spend $50 bucks on a screen anyway, might as well get it on sale. After all, the Bodyguardz screen was $45 bucks and it did't matter that it was expensive, it chipped within hours.

A week into the zagg protector and the tempered screen was in pristine condition. I've dropped my phone once, on carpet. Not surface enough to have truly tested it's durability myself but here's what truly got me to keep the Zagg glass. Best Buy was trying to charge me a fee to instal it for me. No one helped, and the one guy that asked only helped me if I could find the items myself. Horrible customer service. Shame on you Atwater Best Buy. I was on my way to the apple store to buy a case for my new iphone and thought I'd check out the durability of their cases (Privacy glass not available), despite their price of $45 dollars which came with "perfect" installation by apple personnel with a fancy Belkin machine designed exclusively for iPhone. You guessed it, iPhone's tempered glass of choice is made by Belkin. If I decided (also based on the case) to get the Apple store Belkin glass, I would simply return the Zagg glass. I have always received true and honest advice from the folks at the apple store. I expected to hear great feedback on the their tempered glass but instead inquired about my Best Buy purchased screen protector and they said it was better than Belkin. The Zagg Invisible Shield has a limited lifetime warranty. It breaks, you get a new one, you send the broken one back to receive credit, shipping fee applies. Something Belkin doesn't have. I will say the Zagg made glass feels so good on your fingertips. Better than the iPhone screen itself and Bodyguardz.

So there you have it folks. Buy Zagg and don't forget to register it even though it'll be a while before have to use to the replacement warranty.

Let me know if you found this useful, have any ideas, what screen protectors do you use, or if you have something you want me to talk about here in general.

Thanks for reading and happy shopping!


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