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Another iPhone 8 Review

 I happen to stumble into a free iPhone 8 thanks to my friends at AT&T (I was completely not paid for this). And as any new phone owner, a trip to Best Buy or The Apple Store (again, completely unendorsed) is a must. 

So here's what I think after countless of youtube (unendorsed) iPhone reviews, drop tests, articles, Apple website tech specs, best buy product overviews and customer reviews...

Let’s start with the iPhone. (photo courtesy of some random image google search)

Call me crazy but holding the iphone 8 feels like you’re really holding an entirely new phone. Aside from it’s glass design, it is complemented by a better camera, better video quality and faster processor. 

Design and Body

The iphone 8 is a tad bit bigger than the iPhone 7 by 0.01 inches all the way around, weighing 0.35 ounces more than the iPhone 7. The display stays exactly the same, 4.7″ Retina HD. But the Body you guys, let’s talk about that for a minute, i am in love with the all glass body. A very nice rendition of the iPhone 4,4S which is my ultimate favorite iPhone design and first iPhone to bare glass. I was low key excited when apple announced the iphone SE which was more like the iPhone 5 but still not much different than the iPhone 4 and no more fun than the 5c, I was still disappointed with the glassless device. The iPhone has come a long way and has undoubtedly delivered. Steve would be so proud. 

A11 Bionic and Camera

One of my favorite things about the 8 is it’s super fast A11 Bionic Chip. It proves to be a lot more responsive and faster than the 7's A10 Fusion Chip. Voice commands and switching between or opening apps are noticeably faster.

I’ve had the 8 for about a week now. I must admit that one of my smaller regrets is not having purchased the iPhone 8 Plus but only exclusively for it’s telephoto lens but the Plus or simply any other big screen phone have been too big of a phone/screen for me. The regular iPhone 8 fits snuggly in my hand, in my back pocket or front pocket and there's no added bulk or weight (despite the mere weight increase from the 7) in your pants. But even then the damn phone is still a little too heavy in my opinion. And of course the Portrait Mode and Portrait Lighting would have been a nice feature on the regular 8. Regardless of these missing gems, the picture quality on the 8 has been beautifully upgraded, it's true tone color, especially in direct sunlight, are super close to real life and exquisitely rich in color.

Often than not I am inspired by street art and nature photography (though many of my photos don't make it on the internet), using very little editing tools and focusing more on the natural beauty of my subject. When I had my iPhone 7, I used the Olloclip Core Lens Set (fucking unendorsed) for my pictures and was already getting more crisp, professional looking photos and a variety of lenses to play with but that's a topic for another blog. Though the iPhone 8 captures more beautiful and true life photos, I still plan to keep my iPhone 7 exclusively as a camera, given that i dropped and chipped the bottom of the screen the day before I got my iPhone 8 in the mail. Also because I discovered that the Olloclip lenses are not compatible with the iPhone 8. It won't fit. This is also true for most cases. At least the one's i had for my 7 don't fit on the 8, like my toy story case from Disneyland, one of my favorite cases. Other cases, you can actually share between the 7 and 8. Much like screen protectors, anything 7 will fit the 8.

Speakers and Wireless Charging

The speakers are also a very nice upgrade. Though I don't have much to say other than they're obviously louder, the bass is also better. I almost always use Beats headphones when watching anything with sound when I'm by myself but it's nice to have a little more volume when I'm at work at 3a.m. (not like that). I don't care much for wireless charging but I do want to be fancy and have one, especially since i plan to purchase an apple watch in the near future. It would be nice to have a multi device charger. In the mean time I use my iPad Mini power adapter for fast charging, up to 50% in 30 minutes. 

Personally, I can feel and appreciate the changes made to the iPhone 8. If you want to get the most out of your iPhone, the 8 is the way to go. I can't put my phone down and I'm doing more work on it than ever before. The speed let’s me enjoy blogging on the go and the beautiful Retina HD display and camera let’s me enjoy clear, crisp images. Not to mention that this phone is all fun and games when I’m not working. A win all the way around. 

If you found this article useful, funny, lame, nothing you haven't heard before, learned something, left something out, inaccurate information, please send me a message , let me know your thoughts and don’t forget to share my page. Thanks for reading and happy iPhone shopping. 


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