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Finding the perfect foundation can be a true hassel. but nothing says "gone wrong" better than a bad color match. I've said it before, that there are really no right or wrongs when it comes to makeup. Some people could care less if their face doesn't match their neck, it's all about having a specific look. But for those of you who care; being aware of some tips and tricks is essential. So before you fall victim like I did make sure that (Tip) 1. you aren't looking to tan like crazy in the summer because obviously once you get out of the sun and into your vanity your foundation may be too light. This is where I fell victim. I purchased my foundation during the summer and well into my tanning phase that by the time winter hit and my face began to revert to it's paleness glory, my foundation was incredibly dark. I would say, in my unprofessional beauty opinion that it is normal to use a darker shade foundation if you plan to tan during the summer and then changing back to a lighter shade for winter. Sort of the same concept for hair dye but in reverse. Hair should be lighter in the summer and dark in the winter. but again nothing is set in stone and there is no law that says you can't have dark hair in the summer. Below is a perfect example of my disaster. I bought the Clarins foundation #113 in Chestnut during the summer and MUFE #45 just yesterday. There is clearly a huge difference in color.

Here's the deal between these two products. I love them both! I would recommed either one. There is actually one little area about foundation where I would say there's a 'wrong' and that depends on wether you have oily or dry skin. If you have oily skin, either of these specific types will work. However, both brands do carry these same types for dry skin, if you can't read for some off reason the bottles will also alert you, the matte bottle for Clarins (pictured above) has a matifying or foggy finish, it's duey finish is in a glossy bottle. You just have to decide wether you want a duey or a matefying finish. Why is this important? because if you buy the wrong kind for your skintype, your foundation may run or crack in the most oily sections of your face. If you have dry skin a matte finish could overly dry your skin thus making it peel off. If you find that you are breaking out, (sometimes) the most common reason is not in your foundation but in your brushes. Dirty brushes can cause major breakouts from so much build up.

Now, Clarins is amazing. Not only does is have SPF to protect your skin from UV rays exposure, which is very important but it also contains acne treatment. This doesn't mean you can skip cleaning your brushes though. You should be cleaning them once a week. or if you're lazy like me then every two weeks (I use Purity by Philosophy to clean my brushes). Clarins gave me a matifying finish as soon as I applied it but became duey by the end of my day, giving me a more shiny and oily finish. Blotting can fix this as there is no foundations that will last 24 hours.

MUFE has been getting amazing reviews. There is not one person I know that's spoken negatively about this foundation. Sadly this one does not have SPF but it's certainly a great product for oily skintypes. The lasting lenght is longer, up to 15 hours compared to most foundations. It's color matching has been reviewed as being more accurate than most products as well. This product also comes in a smaller bottle so if you're one for everyday makeup, you might find yourslef hitting Sephora more often than not.

Tip number 2 is super important. While bright flourecent lights help makeup artists see and get into difficult areas of sculpting your face, it really doesn't help for color matching your face. Once the tester has been applied, move to a more natural light setting. If you can move outside, even better. As long as you remove yourself from the flourecents. It'll help you see better between your face and neck. You really shouldn't have to buy two foundations to match your skin tone but some people do have weird tones and two might be needed. I saw a guy today who had a green face. I'm hoping he was that color due to a photo shoot or project because I suspect being green might be a problem. So, I was happy to learn that MUFE was true to it's color match. I wore it all day and there was no duey finish at the end of my day but the true test will come when I actually wear this product at work. #baristaproblems

You can find Clarins at Nordstrom for $40 and MUFE at Sephora for $38. Sephora is giving away a cute tumbler for iced beverages for purchases over $25 while supplies last.

Here are the items I meant to not buy today:

Make Up For Ever Foundation #45, $38.

Anastasia Beverly Hills 'Dipbrow Pomade' Waterproof in Soft Brown, $18.

Anastasia Beverly Hills #7 Mini Duo Brush, $18.

The Marc Jacobs mini lipstick and eyeliner was a birthday gift from Sephora. Probably one of the main reasons I love Sephora. I honestly don't shop there much but I've been eyeing their slanted contour brush for a minute and I do buy my Naked eyeshadow Palets there. But don't be fooled I still love me some drugstore makeup too. I love to buy my eyeliners, lipliners and mascara there. It's really just my foundation that I"m willing to drop some cash for.

Here's an additional purchase I made and probably one of my favorites:

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